Friday, 15 March 2013

Chanel LE VERNIS Nail colour Review

This is also the first time i will be reviewing a Chanel product. I am a big fan of their lipsticks, eyeshadows, Blush, and Day cream's, However not so big of a fan of their Nail colour. I have their nail colour on right now, and i applied it on wednesday, by yesterday morning, which isn't even 24 hours, 2 out of 10 fingers we're chipped, and this isn't the only time this has happened. I apply two or three coats as it is very thin, and it still chips, but it really is a shame because its such a nice nail varnish.
However, I find that the brush is so nice and puts the colour onto your nail so nicely and thinly, as one thing i hate is thick nail varnish which takes a long time to dry, as Chanel takes around 2 minutes to dry, and the one thing i like about it is that unlike most nail colours, when you press your finger on your nail to check if its dry, your fingerprint doesnt imprint onto the nail colour, as this always happens to me with other nail products and i have to re paint it. Also, when dry, this nail varnish gives off a very nice shine.

There are also many colours to choose from, unlike many other nail polish brands, there is different shades of yellows, browns, reds.

Also they do a range of Limited Edition colours.

This product can be purchased from House of Fraser for £18 per pot.
Unfortunately, i do not recommend this product, this is a shame because i really had high hopes for it, but it chips so quickly its not worth the money.



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