Friday, 15 March 2013

Christian Dior Rouge Serum Lipstick Review

This is my first review of any Christian Dior product, and i was surprised at how good their products are. I purchased this product because i needed a new pink lipstick for everyday wear, and i wanted it to look quite natural and not too strong, also i wanted one which felt good on your lips, and not dry, therefore i tried this. I am always applying vaseline to my lips as i have very dry lips, but this product feels so good on your lips, not dry at all, but also not too glossy, which is good! this is one of the main reasons i love it so much :-)
Also there is a lot of colour selections, personally colour 470 is my favourite, my sister has colour 675 Passionate pink crystal, which is also a really nice colour, not too powerful, but not too light. I also find that the lipstick stays on for around 2 hours, you will then need to re-apply.

This product can be bought from Boots, at a price of £26.50.
I 100% recommend this product if you suffer from dry lips a lot, as it is very good around that area.



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