Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Are you tired of waiting for your hair to grow out? I know I am! This shampoo bar from Lush is the key to hair growth, and not just hair growth.. it makes your hair shine for days! Firstly, when the LUSH worker showed me this product, I smelt it and thought the peppermint/cinnamon smell was way too overpowering even though it is a nice smell, however, when you actually wash your hair with it, the smell doesn't come off on your hair as powerful. To my surprise, this bar can be used many times, I thought I would only get about 10 washes from it, but I have had it for 2 weeks now, and its shrunk the tiniest bit, however I would recommend buying a shampoo bar container, as leaving it in the bathroom with no cover makes it stick to the shower. The bar comes in a red-pinkish colour, but after a few washes, it turns completely pink, also it has rosemary and nettle absolutes included to protect, soothe and clear the scalp. Additionally, it is a perfect size, so easy to travel with. 

After 2 weeks of washes.

When using the product, once you've wet your hair you literally just rub the bar over your hair a few times until it foams up, I massage mine in to get the full hair follicle stimulation, and wash it out! Since using this I have found that my hair is a lot thicker, and also I've gained on the length a tiny bit and when brushing my hair once getting out the shower not as much hair falls out or comes out into my hairbrush. I will carry on using this product, and purchase it again when it runs out, as I think for £5.50 it is worth it. 



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