Friday, 22 November 2013


1. Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow, Boots- £1.79
I use this eyeshadow on my eyebrows, I have the 'Crushed Walnut' colour, and using an eyeshadow brush, lightly go over my eyebrows to give them more shape, I use this every day.

2. L'Oréal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream, Superdrug- £9.99
I don't use this every day as when I do use it I apply under my foundation, to reduce my redness, and to make my foundation stay for longer.

3. Mary Rose eyeshadow brush
I use this to apply the 'Natural Collection' eyeshadow to my eyebrows, it lets me apply it thinly.

4.Erase Paste Concealer, Benefit- £19.50
I apply this only on my blemishes, it has got very good coverage and lasts hours.

5.L'Oreal Eau de Teint Foundation Nude- £9.99
I don't use this foundation everyday, as it is only small and quite expensive, I only use it on nights out or special occasions because it stays on my face longer, as i have oily skin and it's a matte foundation.

6.Natural Lip Roll On, Body Shop- £4.00
I use this all the time in winter, helps good with chapped lips and the nice minty smell is a bonus.

7.Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge, Superdrug- £4.99
I use this everyday, its the best thing to use when applying your foundation, it spreads it evenly and lightly.

8.Rimmel Glam'Eyes Professional Liquid Liner, Superdrug- £5.29
This is the perfect eyeliner, its easy applicable and doesn't wear off during the night, I use it daily.

9.Johnson & Johnson Daily Essentials Hydrating Day Cream, Superdrug- £2.70
I only use this for when my skin gets dry in the winter, as it's really effective in treating dry skin.

10.Nivea Visage Oil Free Day 50ml Moisturising Day Cream, Superdrug- £3.00
 I use this moisturiser every day and night, as i suffer from really oily skin it helps control it.

11.All Nighter - Long-Lasting makeup Setting Spray 30ml Travel Size, Debenhams- £9.00
After I've done all my makeup everyday, I spray this on my face and it keeps my makeup on all day.

12.Rimmel Wake Me Up Make Up Foundation, Superdrug- £8.99
This is the foundation I use everyday, its one of the best foundations I've ever had and its a good price!

13.Max Factor Mascara Wild Mega Lash, Superdrug- £6.99
I use this everyday, its the best mascara for no clumps.

14.Mary Rose Blusher Brush
I use this everyday to apply my powder.

15.Mac Powder Blush, Mac- £18
This is the only blush I use and I use it every day.

16.Soap & Glory? Thick & Fast? Mascara, Boots- £10.50
I use this mascara after the Max Factor one to add thickness to my lashes.

17.Revlon Nearly Naked Powder, Superdrug- £7.99
I only apply this if I use Wake me up as a base foundation, to set it.

18.High Beam luminescent complexion enhancer, Benefit- £19.50 
I use this to highlight my cheeks occasionally.

19.BADgal liner waterproof waterproof eye pencil, Benefit- £15.00
I use this for more of a subtle eyeliner look, but I find that it wears off quickly so re-applying is necessary.

20.Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss, Debenhams- £16.00
I always have this in my bag, its the best lip gloss ever!



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