Sunday, 22 June 2014



I recently purchased Garner Micellar cleansing water from super drug as the normal one I use (B.pure) was running out! I also wanted a change!

Firstly the price of the both of them are similar however they are different sizes, the Garnier water is only £3.32 for 400ml and the B.pure is £2.47 for 150ml but i found that the Garnier lasted me around 2 months, using 3-4 cotton wool pads of it a day, and the B.pure only around 2 weeks as it requires a lot more to get your makeup off. Overall, using micellar water is my preferred way of taking makeup of than any other method as i think it clears my skin a lot more and even though it takes longer it prepares me for the next stage; toning and moisturising.

I personally prefer using the Garnier one as i think its better for my type of skin and whilst I've been using it i've realised my skin is looking a lot better and I'm having less break outs. I would recommend both products, but the Garnier one if you have a specific type of skin ( dry or oily) and the B.pure for people with no specific type of skin and also if you don't wear a lot of makeup as it requires a lot of water to be used to get results.

You buy the Garnier Micellar water from superdrug here!
and the B.pure micellar water from superdrug here!



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