Sunday, 22 June 2014


I always forget to clean my brushes from time to time and forget how important it is for them to be clean. I recently purchased the Crown make-up brush cleaner as i'd heard good things about it. The bottle is see-through and the liquid is pink, it actually looks like nail varnish remover a bit! The things you need to do this are tissues or toilet roll, your brushes you want cleaned (obviously), the brush cleaner and a small container or bowl or something to put the liquid in.

Firstly, (1) I poured the brush cleaner into my small bowl, you need quite a lot to clean the brushes properly so I had to refill it a few times.
Next, with each of my brushes I dipped them into the cleaner so they were wet from the liquid (2) and then dabbed them on a tissue (3), you will be able to see all of the dirt and makeup coming out of the brushes and onto the tissue (4) so you will know when to stop repeating this as there will be nothing coming from the tissue.
I repeated this with each brush until they were all clean, it took me around half an hour because I wanted to make sure they were all completely clean, and for £4.99 I think this brush cleaner is worth the money!
I recommend this brush cleaner as its cheap and can be done quickly and also theres nothing worse than having dirty makeup brushes as they're really bad for your skin!
You can buy this brush cleaner from the crown website here for £4.99!



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