Friday, 20 June 2014


Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy with exams!

Anyway, i've been really struggling with my oily skin recently so i decided to go on a skin care shopping spree and buy everything for oily/combination skin and one of the products I bought was a clay face mask from body shop which is supposed to control any excess oil you have and draw out impurities.The packaging of the mask is plain and simple, its just a normal pot, it has instructions on the back and ingredients.
The mask should be applied to your skin when it's dry, when first covering your face with it it feels so smooth and silky, I tend to put more on my T-zone than anywhere else as thats where i'm most oily, so i'd advise you to apply more where you tend to get excess oil. The mask takes quite a long time to dry so I prefer to put it on whilst I'm in the bath and waiting for my favourite hair treatment (Percy and Reed totally hydrating mask) to do its job. The mask will begin to dry slowly and will harden, so you'll have some difficulty in making facial expressions (its very weird haha) and when its all hardened you can take it off and your face will be oil free and smooth as anything!

For me, this mask is one of the best things to use on my oily complexion and once I've used it I can always see the difference in my skin, I tend to use it around twice a week, once on a tuesday and once on a friday one of the disadvantages of this face mask is that it smells a bit strange, it's made from seaweed so it smells kind of fishy, it's not overpoweringly smelly but when you first put it on you can smell it. I really do recommend this to you if you have oily/combination skin, even though it is quite expensive compared to other face masks it does do the job better than cheaper ones and it's by far the best face mask I've used!

You can purchase this face mask from a Body Shop here for £12!



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