Thursday, 10 July 2014

Books I want to read this summer!

I recently bought myself a kindle and I'm so in love with it! Its so handy if you're a person who reads books quickly and doesn't have the room for all of them in your bedroom! I'm on a mission this summer to read loads of books (mostly John Green haha) before uni comes and I'm busy again! Here are the books I'm going to read and will be reviewing for you all!

1. An abundance of Katherines- John Green 
I haven't heard much about this book compared to any other John Green books but I'm hoping that it will live up to all the others!

2. Eleanor & Park- Rainbow Rowell
This is number 7 in the New York times Young adult book chart and I've heard people mention it a few times!

3. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn
Many of my friends have read this and said good things about it but didn't say much else as they didn't want to ruin it, it's also New York times best seller!

4. If I stay- Gayle Foreman
I only recently heard about this book as there's a film being made of it, and it is also a 'Critically acclaimed best selling novel'.

5. The perks of being a Wallflower- Steven Chbosky
I've seen this film many times, however I know that most books are better than films so I definitely have to read this!

6. Will Grayson, Will Grayson- John Green
This is another one of John Green's books which I haven't heard much about but If its anything like the others I know i'll love it!

7. The spectacular now- Tim Tharp
I've seen the film of this book, it has Hazel from the fault in our stars in it and Miles teller who stars in 'That awkward moment' and 'Divergent'. Again, I want to read the book as I hope it will be much better.

8.Divergent collection- Veronica Roth
The film for this book recently came out in cinemas but I pulled myself away from going to see it because I wanted to read all of the books first, Its also a massive bonus that the films have Shailene Woodley in them and also Ansel Elgort!



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