Tuesday, 1 July 2014


One of my favourite things to do when I want to relax and chill out is to have a bath, and what better to put in my bath than a bath mallow? When buying this I was a bit unsure as I had never used a 'bath mallow' before and didn't really know what it did, and I couldn't ask as I wasn't buying it from a 'Bomb cosmetics' store, however one of the things which drew me to their products is that they're all natural (lets face it, none of us want to be soaking in a bath full of things which are bad for your skin) and also handmade, result!

The mallow comes in a sea-through small bag which is plain and as writing on it, the bag is waterproof which is a big bonus because I always find that when I get something from lush and put it in my bathroom the paper bagging always melts when it touches water which annoys me a lot!
(Excuse the orange hands)
I always thought I was more of a bath bomb person than a bath mallow as they're quite boring, but this one left me with really smooth skin when I got out of the bath and I was actually really shocked! To activate it you just pop it in the bath and it will gradually get smaller and smaller, letting the goodness out into your bath :) One of the annoying things is that the mallow was actually supposed to fizz up and then get smaller and smaller, but it didn't fizz at all! The mallow itself looks like a cupcake so is very appealing and smells of raspberry's, when it starts to disintegrate it gives out a cocoa butter smell which sticks onto your skin and makes it very smooth for when you get out of the bath which I loved!

Overall, I am going to start buying from bomb cosmetics because I love the way their products look and are presented, also most of them aren't expensive! However, I am not very keen on 'bath mallows' as I think I am more of a bath bomb type of girl! but if you love a bath mallow then this is definitely the one for you!

Bomb cosmetics also sell many other bath products including bath blasters, melts, handmade soaps, bath salt, body scrub, massage bars, candles and many more!

You can purchase any bomb cosmetics from their website here
or you can purchase this bath mallow from their website here for the cheap price of £2.24!



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