Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Summers coming, and what better style to wear out than tribal? For me this is my fave! I love everything tribal style including jewellery, bags,hats!

From top left and across:
Black top: Lookbook store: $24
Red nail varnish: Topshop: £5
Red dress: River Island: £25
Grey top: River Island: £5
White tassel top: 6KS: $22.99
Creme Kimono: Topshop: £45
Black Top: Topshop: £38
Off the shoulder dress: Topshop: £40
Purple shorts: Boohoo: £12 (sold out)
Black sunglasses: River island: £13
Black shorts: River island: £28 (sold out)
Orange Lipgloss: Topshop: £9
Red shorts: Boohoo: £14 (sold out)
Burgundy hat: River island: £7
Orange jelly's: Missguided: £9.99
Black choker: Topshop: £5
White hairband: Topshop: £6.50
Creme bag: Oliverbonas: £35
Black sandals: River island: £55
Black backpack: Topshop: £65
Dress: Boohoo: £12
Black strappy top: River island: £14
Black hat: Topshop £28
Black shoes: Topshop: £28
Floral top: Topshop: £36
Nude nail varnish: Topshop: £6
Peachy/red top: Topshop: £24
Black boots: Topshop: £80
Black top: Vero moda: £19.95
Black embellished top: Topshop: £20
Orange blazer jacket: River island: £40
Skirt on the left: Topshop: £25
Skirt on the right: River island: £16
Orange shorts: Topshop: £35
Blue jeans: Topshop: £45
Skirt: River island: £15 (sold out)
Sunglasses: River island: £13
Lipstick: River island (Barry M): £4.50
Shorts: Etsy: £18

All of these items are my favourite Tribe prints/clothing of SS14!



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