Friday, 22 August 2014

Film of the week!

Yesterday, my sister and I decided to have a spontaneous trip to the cinema! Id recently seen the advert for a film called 'what if' a few days before on my TV and it said on it 'the next 500 days of summer' so I watched the trailer (.      ) and realised I had to see it!

The film is a rom- com, my favourite genre! And Daniel Radcliffe stars in it, aswell as Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks) and both of which I think are amazing at acting!

The film is based on the boy and the girls friendship and goes from the day they meet and we follow them through their friendship, the whole question throughout it is can a boy and girl be just friends? 

I do think this film is like 500 days of summer (however it hasn't got as good as a soundtrack!) and I reaaaaallly liked it, so much that I'll probably go see it again next week! I definitely reccomend this film if you like a rom com as this film is hilarious and so romantic! 

BUT (there's always a but) I don't think they should have chosen Daniel Radcliffe as one of the main characters in it as for me and probably most people, I find it hard to get him out of the whole Harry Potter character and kept thinking he was going to whip out his wand or something! So that's my one complaint about this movie (sorry Daniel :()

Rating: ★★★★



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