Friday, 22 August 2014

Loom bands tutorial without the template!

With this whole loom band craze going about I thought I had to atleast try and learn how to make one, and also I don't have a younger sister to make me them, I am the younger sister so I guess i had to really!

You will need:
Pack of loom bands
2 pencils or pens 
C or S clips (normally come in the packs with the loom bands)

When I first purchased my loom bands I found them in the range, I think they we're around £1-£1.50 and I easily made 5-6 bracelets with them!

Firstly, you need to pick your starting 2 colours, they should really all be different colours as if makes it easier to do at first! 
In my case I chose orange first, then green! With the two pencils or pens (you can also use your fingers but it makes things very difficult) put the first elastic band round one of the pencils and then twist it to put it around the other, making a figure of 8!
Next, using your second band, simply put it on top of the first band, but just loop it round both pencils so it looks like this 
Then, pick a third colour and put it the on top of the last one exactly the same way!
Next, pull your first band out and over the top of all of the 3 bands both sides and let go so it looks like this
You then, add another colour on top (any colour) and do the same to the second one as you did to the first one, there should always be 3 bands on the pen at one time, as soon as you un hook one you put another on until it starts looking like this!
And then the more you do it the longer it gets, an estimated size of a bracelet should be around the length of the pencil or if not just leave it all hooked on and wrap a bit around your wrist to see if it's long enough!
Lastly, using one or your C or S clips, attach it onto the hoops from your first band and release the bottom one hooked on the pencil (green up there) and hook them both onto each sides of your clip and you have a bracelet!!

It is quite time consuming the first time you do it but you will get used to it after a while and will be able to make one in 10-15 minutes easily! 



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