Friday, 8 August 2014

My Holiday to Kavos, Corfu! ☀️

On the first week of July, my friends and I got up and ready early to get to our early morning flight to Corfu. We booked this holiday around January time and the reason we chose Kavos was because it happened to be one of the cheaper holiday destinations this year, compared to ayia napa, Ibiza etc and also because we didn't know anyone else that was going so we didn't have to risk bumping into anyone from home whilst we we're drunken mess'!

I honestly didn't know what to expect when going to Kavos, I thought the place would be like the programme, a bit grubby and people having sex on the strip etc, but it honestly wasn't! It was the opposite of what I expected.

When we first got to our hotel (Ekati Hotel (best hotel ever)) we put our things down then had a welcome talk where we we're told about all the events happening within the next week and we're sold packages of events from the reps. We didn't go to every single event, as all in all it was 290 and something euros and none of us took enough money to be able to do them all and drink and eat for the next week! The events we went on we're the frat party (amazing), the full moon party, the paint party and the booze cruise, we got all 4 for 160 euros which wasn't bad as at one of the events it was a free bar and this included all of our t shirts, hats, paint, whilstes etc which we would wear on the night!

From what I can remember the only events we missed out on we're the house music one (none of us are that keen on house music) and the during the day foam party, which we didn't want to go to as most of us would've been burn like lobsters by the time it ended!

This was the first event we went to of our holiday, and it was definitely one of the best! We we're given the hats and tops as they we're included in the price of what we payed, everyone who was going in our hotel met at the bar and then we all had a group photo (cute) and started our bar crawl at around half 8, so that by the time the event started at half 11-13 we we're royally smashed! That night we managed to get so many cheap drinks! 5 euros for a one hour free bar was instance and also we got 2 cocktails each, 4 shots each and 2 fishbowls (between the 5 of us) for 5 euros each!

Also, this was the night we discovered the famous drink in Kavos called 'amnesia' or 'headfucker' it's a drink which has 6 shots of alcohol in it with no mixer, it is truly disgusting but one of these and you will be drunk, trust me! They also do a haribo and skittle one which is the same but with a few haribos/skittles in which is much nicer and will still get you drunk!

Let's just say that by the time we actually got to the event where the free bar was we were all so drunk, but still took advantage obviously! This event was inside and made you feel like you was at an American party, the music playing was all old school and everyone was so drunk because of the free bar! It was honestly one if the best event nights there, I definitely recommend this!!

The booze cruise was another really event which was definitely worth the money, on this event we wasn't given shirts or anything as the dress code was a bikini and shorts or bikini and dress of even just bikini, instead we stopped off at a tiny island which was soo pretty! It had watersports for a little cheaper than it was back on Kavos beach and here there was a BBQ waiting for us where wine was included, we stopped here for around an hour, people went in the sea, sun bathed etc until we had to get back on the boat, there was music on the boat the whole time and there was a bar on board where drinks we're around £5 euro!
Our next stop was blue lagoon, on our way there the whole boat had a massive water fight and there we're buckets supplied in the boat , the people on the edge of the boat would scoop water from the sea into their buckets and throw it on everyone, there wasn't one person who wasn't completely soaked! Blue lagoon is where the sea was ridiculously clear! The boat stopped and we we're all allowed to jump in, and then boys done a bellyflops competition where they would win a free drink and the girls done a champagne diving one where they would win the bottle of champagne, this was honestly one of the most prettiest places I've seen! 

The next stop was the rave cave, but on our way they started spraying foam everywhere so we was all covered in foam! When we got to the rave cave we went inside, they turned off all the music and then turned it back on and it vibrated through the cave! This was the last stop for the boat and then we headed home, the rest of the time it took to get home we was all just dancing and getting drunk! 

X's. Vexed ze Also, there was a guy on our boat which looked like Sean Kingston so he was made to get up and sing one of his songs it was hilarious! 

Any party holiday destination you go to there is a booze cruise/ boat party so I definitely recommend it!

This was my least favourite event, even though the outfits we we're given we're pretty cool, it started like the frat party did and we all went on a bar crawl so we was pretty drunk when we got to the event at around 11, the one thing about this event is that the drinks we're really expensive, they we're given to you in sand buckets and a small one was £5 and big on was £10, this obviously wasn't expensive but compared to the other deals we we're getting in Kavos it was! The event was just like going into any other club I found apart from the fact there was fireworks during the night! 

This was personally my favourite event out of all of the ones we went to in Kavos! We we're given tops for this event and as we knew we would be getting covered in paint we didn't wear our nicest shorts or skirts out! As always we started off with a bar crawl and then went to the place where it was being held, this was our last night so we we're determined to drink ourselves into oblivion (classy), drinks there we're pretty cheap, not as cheap as other places on the strip but they wasn't ridiculously expensive! Part of the venue had been blocked off and they we're letting you In just before the paint started coming, when they let you in all I was thinking to myself was that if we don't get close to the front we won't get paint on us and especially me because I'm the shortest! I was so wrong! By the end of the night I was COVERED in paint, it looked like I had showered in paint! There was 2 breaks during it all where you could go and buy drinks and then they would start with the paint again! this for me was one of the best nights mostly because I had never been to a paint party before but also because it was our last night and it was rammed! I 100% recommend this event, as I'm sure they do it in other places like malia and Zante etc! 

Overall, Kavos wasn't what I expected at all, it was better! There wasn't any people having sex in the street or any sex games in clubs, it was generally a nice place to go on a girls/lads holiday and id definitely go there again! (It's also so cheap! Even better)



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