Monday, 18 August 2014

Ripped jeans tutorial

Recently I've noticed that a lot of people have got onto this whole ripped knee jeans trend, including Megan Fox, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Hillary Duff.

Using an old pair of jeans of mine I created this look myself, and here's how I done it!

You will need:
-old pair of jeans or a pair you're not bothered about cutting
-pair of scissors (preferably a big pair)

1) firstly choose which leg you're starting with and stretch it out, grab the place that you want the rip
2) secondly, using the scissors cut a small line with both pieces of the jean, creating a small hole 
3)Then, put one of the blades inside your trouser leg asif you're about to cut a line to the left of the hole, and cut!
4) Then turn the scissors the other way around and do the same
5) Then you will have a line, if you want it any bigger you can just pull at it and it will gradually loosen up, and get bigger
6) to create a much better effect pull the small pieces of the thread that are coming out and it will give a much more worn look! 
 It's as easy as that! 



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