Thursday, 7 August 2014

Tackling sunburn, Do's & Don'ts

As soon as we get off that plane and round the pool to sunbathe we're all guilty of thinking we don't need as much sun lotion as we think we need, and then burning, and there's nothing more uncomfortable than having to go to sleep laying on burns and generally them just being there! Here's what to do so they ease you of a bit of pain and also go away quicker!

DO slap the after sun on you after a luke warm shower
DON'T have a steamingly hot shower as it will just make it worse!
DO wear loose clothing to stop it irritating you
DON'T scratch it or rub it as it is a very delicate peice of skin 
DO put a stronger factor on it the next day when you're out in the sun again, as a burn on top of a burn can scar :(

TIP: for really bad sunburn, use a teabag and put it in a bowl with cold water, then use a rag and dip it in the water and lightly press the rag on your sunburn or leave it on there for a while, this will work over night and soothe the sunburn so it peels and heels quicker so definitely don't wash it off! 



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