Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Your tea 14 day teatox review!

There's recently been lots of people trying out teatox's and I've actually tried one out myself which is called Bootea which unfortunately didn't work with me, so when seeing 'your tea', I read some reviews on their website and decided to give it a try! I ordered it from their website ( and it came within 2 days! I decided to order only the 14 day because I find it hard to stick to things and I know I'll forget about drinking it by the last week of it haha! 

The teabags come in such a pretty packaging, and it comes with an instruction booklet of when to consume them and what to do, also what you can add to the tea to make it taste different if you don't like the taste! It comes with 42 teabags in the box, each individually wrapped in paper, and they advise you to drink it 3 times a day, the first one 30 minutes before breakfast, then 30 minutes before lunch, then the last one 30 minutes before dinner! 

Day 1: 
1st teabag: Because the teabags we're delivered around 11:30am I'd already had my breakfast so I decided to wait for half an hour until my food had gone down a bit and then try my first teabag! I heated the kettle, poured the hot water into the cup with the teabag and let it sit in there for around 4-6 minutes! When I first smelt the tea I really wasn't keen on it, I thought it smelt horrible but when tasting it, to my surprise it wasn't that bad! It doesn't have a strong taste which is something I like! 
2nd teabag: as the tea came so late in the day I decided to only drink 2 teas today because of the timing! At this stage I haven't noticed any drastic changes in myself, apart from my metabolism speeding up (nice) but I shouldn't see any changes for a good few days at least! 
 I'll keep you posted on the next 13 days!



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