Monday, 6 October 2014

Ingredients to a perfectly LUSH bath! 🌸

One of the things I miss most when I'm at uni is definitely my bath (sorry mum and dad!) but there's nothing better than a long hot bath on a cold day! And what products are the best to use in a bath? We all know that answer...

The 2 things you need for a perfect bath are; either a bath bomb or bubble bar, and a fresh face mask! I chose the brightside bubble bar and the catastrophe cosmetic face mask!

Firstly, I waited until the bath was nearly full and I broke a chunk off my bubble bar and held it under the running tap until it begins to break away and eventually until it's all dissolved! Thus bubble bar turns the bath water completely orange and let's out a smell of fresh oranges! 
I love this bubble bar and I would definitely purchase it again! The tangerine oil in the product is responsible for the uplifting fragrance of the bubble bar and also the soothing of the skin, this bubble bar also contains bergamot oil which uplifts and cleanses your skin, leaving you feeling fresh when getting out the bath! Whilst soaking in the bath I put my catastrophe cosmetic face mask on which contains blueberries, which soothe and protect your face, also calamine powder which is specifically for delicate skin,as it calms it and lastly Irish miss gel, of which softens and soothes your face!
This face mask left my face feeling fresh, and so smooth! I will definitely purchase it again once my current pot is finished! I recommend both of these products 100% to spice up your bath!
you can buy the bubble bar from lush here:
You can buy the face mask from lush here:



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