Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Simple eyeshadow using my sleek au natural 601 pallete!

This is a very simple eye, using the sleek au naturel 601 pallete, I like to do this when I'm in a rush or just for a simple shadow, for a casual occasion!

Firstly, using an eye shadow brush and patting it on the top row far right colour, i brush this colour onto each of my lids, you can build up the colour as much as you want, the more colour you put on the stronger the eye will be! 

After making sure my eyes are even, I use my kiko double sided brush, and using the thinner side, I started by my crease and brought the brush down by where I do my eyeliner, making my eye look like this... (Remember the more black colour you add the stronger it will be)

And then using the other side of my brush, i blend in the black, do it until your  eye looks a little like this...

Next.. Using my Eyeko eye liner, I put a very thin line of eyeliner on my eye, with a small flight which emphasises the finishing of my shadow! Using a small brush or my finger I lightly smudge my eyeliner so it blends in more with the eye shadow, add a bit more product where it needs to be added and lastly, using the first white colour in my pallete, I dab some on the underneath of my brow, where my brow bone is to bring out my brows and make them stand out!

I found that this look can be re-created using many of the other glittery shades in this sleek pallete and look just as nice! This is one of the easiest and my favourite eye looks to do as its so quick and easy, and has the ability to look either really casual with a small amount of product applied or a very strong eye for a night out with loads of product on!

Hope this helped you guys and you liked it! 



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