Thursday, 16 October 2014

The 5 brands I wish would create a beauty advent calendar...

I love love love the idea of beauty advent calendars but some of them are either too expensive or half of the things in them I know I wouldn't use so there would be no point in buying it! So here's the brands I wish would start doing beauty advent calendars...

1. LUSH cosmetics

I love EVERYTHING lush and there would be nothing better than them making an advent calendar packed with mini versions of their shampoo's, moisturisers, face masks and many more products! I would 100% buy this for myself if it ever gets made (praying that it does!)

2. MAC 

I know it would be pricey but there would be nothing cuter than mini Mac products in an advent calendar! I looove Mac makeup but buying a lot of it works out to be really expensive so I would rather buy an advent calendar and try lots of their products!

3. OPI

In my opinion OPI nail varnishes are one of the best nail varnish brands out there so I would love it if they made a calendar! As let's be honest who doesn't love to have millions of colours of nail varnishes :)

4. Smashbox

Smashbox is also quite pricey however their products are so good, so I think a lot of people would love this idea!

5.  Rimmel London

This would definitely be a good advent calendar, full of mini mascaras, lipsticks, eye shadows etc which are new in the brands products. This would be a definite sell out as it would be affordable unlike others which have been made!



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