Monday, 17 November 2014

Luxury Lush Pud Bath bomb review!

After receiving some late birthday money and now living near a lush store I couldn't wait to go in there and buy as much as I could!

When deciding which bathbomb to buy I knew I wanted to go for something Christmassy, yet fun so I decided to pick the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb as its full of colours, yet is still Christmassy and also massive!

As soon as you put it in the bath it will begin to fizz like crazy and turn your bath water pink immediately! (Word of advice: don't hold the bath bomb in your hand whilst it's fizzing in the bath as it may stain your hands like it did to me :( )

The longer the bath bomb is in the water for, the more colours it will let out, turning your bath multicoloured! For me I found it lasted for ages, it seemed to be fizzing for a good few minutes! Also this product contains lavender oil which is meant to calm and balance your body! The product smells of lavender, which I find calms me down a lot! This is a bathbomb I would definitely reccomend using at night before bed as it's very soothing and is a perfect before bed treat :)

You can purchase this bathbomb from any lush store for a small price of £3.50 :)



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