Monday, 9 March 2015

Kiko makeup reviews!

Kiko radiant touch creamy stick highlighter

Recently I've decided that powder highlighters don't really work on me as I have an oily complexion so they tend to just slide off my face as soon as I put them on, so I decided to look for a highlighter stick! I looked around and tried to find a cheap yet good one and found this one..

I love this highlighter, I honestly don't know what I would do without it, I use it every day on the top of my cheek bones and underneath them, also under my eyebrow arch and sometimes a bit on my nose or anywhere else where I want to be highlighted! This stays on for a good amount of time, it doesn't disappear  it just fades after a few hours!

The packaging is plain black (looks a bit like Mac actually) and the stick is a twisty one so the more you twist it the more comes out, I've had it for a month now and I use it every day and you can hardly tell that it's been used, so you have to use quite a lot of it to use it up haha! This product can be purchased for £8.90 at the link below or in a kiko store!

Kiko Invisible mattifying fixing powder

Being someone who suffers from an oily complexion, mattifying powder is a literal god send! but finding one that doesn't make you too pale or too orange can be proven very difficult! So illuminous powder is a way to dodge that problem!

The powder stays on all day for me and I always find that until it's been on for at least 10-12 hours I start to get a tiny bit oily but not obviously, also a little goes a long way with this product as putting too much on will make your face turn a bit white, this is a loose powder also so only a little amount is required to do the job!

A brush/mitt comes with the powder to pay it on, but I like to use my Real Techniques powder brush to apply it as it applies a very smooth and thin layer!

The product itself is handbag size so can fit in your bag easily and as it has a brush conjoined to it it's perfect for a night out as you won't have to pack a spare brush! 

This product is definitely worth a try if you have oily skin or just like to have a matte face all the time! You can buy this product for £11.90 from Kiko!

Kiko smart lipstick

This lipstick is glossy as it moisturises your lips, but it's not too glossy to look like a lipseal! I find this stays on for a good few hours before re application is needed, however if you're doing things like drinking and eating it tends to slide off a lot quicker! The colour is one of my favourites as I find it doesn't wash me out which is rare as dark lipsticks normally do, it actually makes me look slightly more tanned haha!  For the price of this lipstick (£3.90! Bargain!) I can't really complain, I love it a lot and will definitely buy it again and in more shades to add to my collection! 

This lipstick is so nice in the autumn/ winter as its quite dark! I find I can wear this lipstick during the day and night and I find that I can't do that with many other shades! 

All products above are available to buy in the Kiko store or online at 



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