Monday, 30 March 2015

My summer must haves!

1. Batiste mini  coconut & exotic tropical dry shampoo!
This is a definite must have on holiday as my hair tends to look greasy quickly from being hot, or putting sun cream on your face and it making your roots greasy, this can also be used to give hair a little volume and it smells amazing so will ensure your hair smells fresh! 

2. Tangle teaser
This is so handy for chucking in your beach/ pool bag, it's small and will make sure your hair isn't knotty at any part of the day, especially when it's wet from the pool! Also if you use a conditioning treatment on your hair by the pool you would be mad not to buy one of these to help brush the treatment through! 

3. Nivea invisible for black& white anti- perspirant (travel version)
This mini deodrant is great to have just inyour handbag incade you get a bit hot throughout the day and even by the pool just to freshen up! It's so much easier than taking a big bottle on holiday which you won't use up! 

4. Piz buin sun lipstick
This lipstick is seethrough and when you apply it, gives you factor 20 on your lips ensuring that they won't burn! 

5. Bb thickening hair spray!
I love love love this product! I spray a little bit of it on my hair once I've washed it and leave my hair to air dry and it leaves my hair all nice and beachy- wavy!

6. Rimmel 60 second nail varnish
This is the colour 403 oragasm and it's so good to take away because no one likes to wait ages for their nails to dry, so if you're in need of a quick polish before the beach this is the nail varnish for you! 

7. Simple cleansing facial wipes (travel pack of 7)
When I found these in the drug store I was so happy because I always have to take a massive pack of makeup wipes on holiday and then bring them back so when I found a 7 pack I had to buy them!  So handy and they're a miniature pack! So much easier than taking miccelar water away & a cheap alternative!



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