Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My trip to Chamonix!

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went on a short trip to Chamonix in France, in which we met his family and went skiing for 2 days! For me it was my first time skiing, so i was very scared!. Our airplane arrived in Geneva airport at around 8:00 PM on the Thursday night, and the drive into France took around and hour so after arriving we put our things in the apartment and then went out! To my amazement there was so many bars and people around, they're all wearing their ski wear and getting drunk so it was a good atmosphere, also there was many pretty bars which had furry seats to sit outside with blankets and candles (so cute!) but i unfortunately couldn't snap a photo because my phone had run out of battery from using it on the plane :(.

Anyway! The town itself is so so beautiful, theres so many little shops, I probably could've spent a whole day in the town but i think i was pushing it with my boyfriend by spending half an hour as he hates shopping with a passion (unless its for him obviously). We went to various fancy restaurants and bars and ate amazing food, including snails! which by the way just taste like sloppy garlic butter.. but i can now say i have tried a snail so I'm happy!
Chamonix Town
Now onto the skiing! after going to the shop to get all of our ski wear we were set off for the slopes at around 10:00 AM on the Friday! because I had never been skiing before and I am the most un-sporty person you could ever meet I honestly thought I would be so awful at skiing and I wouldn't be able to stand up but to my amusement I wasn't that bad! (I could stand up, just about). We started off on the button lifts and I didn't fall off (I'm a pro), after i had been moping about for around an hour because my boots hurt (they're supposed to, I'm just a woose) we went on the lift a few times so I could get the hang of being on skis, and I was taught how to snow plough, which was my saviour as its what makes you go slow!. After that we went up a chair lift into the clouds and my boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to put me on a blue slope (I didn't have a clue what they meant, just that black was the hardest) but luckily enough I managed to do it and get back in one piece so I am happy that he put me on it! and heres my amazing views...

The one thing I never actually realised before is how tiring skiing is! people make it look so easily so I just naturally assumed that it was a lazy sport but boy was I wrong! we stopped for many drink breaks where I enjoyed lots and lots of yummy hot chocolates from the cafe (wasn't complaining). The views from the top of the chairlift were simply amazing, there is nothing quite like standing up on your skis and seeing an amazing view in front of you of a whole town! I honestly love love loved this holiday and hopefully one day ill go back again and try and improve my skiing as i absolutely loved skiing and the place itself! We headed home on the sunday morning after skiing all of saturday and was absolutely knackered when we arrived into Gatwick!
Nice little bar we stopped at for a drink on the second day!
Aa-a-a-amazing hot choco!

Tips for first time skiers:

  • (if you're a girl, or a boy with long hair) Wear your hair tied up!: I made this mistake on the first day on the slopes but luckily I was carrying a hairband on my wrist so i just tied it into a side plait. Your hair well get  VERY wet if its snowing as the helmet will only protect the top of your hair, also because you will be getting very hot, your hair will sweat if its down and hanging all over you, i found it very uncomfortable with my hair down, also at the end of the day i could just undo the plait and i had nice wavy hair!
  • The boots do hurt so be prepared: I didn't realise how uncomfortable the boots were until i had them on for about 2 minutes.. but they are super uncomfortable as they have to be tight in order to prevent broken ankles etc, prepare yourself!
  • Wear a pair of thick long socks: this may seem like a little thing but it can make a lot of difference as you don't want snow going up your sallopettes and being wet all day!
  • bring a hat!: It was snowing the first day i was there and i forgot to bring a hat so my hair was getting all wet from the snow and was very annoying! 
  • Make sure your ski coat has a hood!: Mine didn't (it actually did have a secret one but i didn't figure that out until i was home :( ) and it was a nightmare for when it was snowing or when i was just generally cold!
  • Bring gloves under your ski gloves: your hands will be very cold if you just wear ski gloves and nothing underneath so remember this!
  • You will get hot so theres no need to wear 5 layers!: i wore 3 layers on the first day, a top, jumper and a coat and i was soooo hot! i advise just wearing a jumper under your jacket because you get very very sweaty from skiing!
Thats it from me! as i said, I absolutely loved this holiday and would love to go again, I recommend skiing to anyone who has thought about going, you will love it!!



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