Sunday, 22 March 2015

This months Glamour mag & freebie!

I am a Glamour lover, so I try to buy it every month but sometimes the student life just doesn't make it possible! However, this months freebie and the cover of the magazine made it impossible to say no! 

I did have the chance to get either of the 'Balance me' 2 face masks, a moisturising body wash or a tinted lip salve, however I decided to choose the body wash because it looked the nicest & I own way too many face masks!

This body was is amazing! It makes your skin feel super smooth! It doesn't really have much of a smell so I can't comment on that but it's lush! 

I am personally a big fan of Shailene Woodley from The Fault in our Stars and Divergent so this was a big bonus! 

So if you're looking for a new nice body wash or anything I suggest to buy glamour because you get a magazine with it for £2! Bargain! 



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