Thursday, 12 March 2015

Yummy, Easy and filling breakfasts!

Hello everyone! Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day and I feel that if I don't have a nice breakfast the rest of my day won't be as good! So here are a few of my breakfast favourites! 

1) Nutella and banana on toast! 
I loveeee this but I definitely cannot have it everyday because I do get a bit sick of Nutella sometimes! All you do is make the toast, spread the chocolate spread on it, cut up some bananas and you're done! It's so easy to make yet so delicious! 

2) Poached eggs on toast!
Eggs are my favourite thing! I can eat them all day every day I just love them so much! I actually have an egg poacher pan which makes poaching eggs so much easier but for those of you who don't know how to make a poached egg head over to my friend Louisa's blog ( to find out how to make a perfect one! 
This breakfast is very easy, and fills you up a lot and is healthy for you so it's a bonus!

3) Bacon sandwich!
This isn't healthy at all, just a yummy, easy and filling breakfast which is perfect for hangovers! And you can make it look as pretty as you want :)

4) Boiled egg and soldiers!
I love this (just because I love eggs) and it makes me feel like a kid again! It takes 4 minutes to cook runny eggs and just 6 for hard boiled, it's so easy to make!



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