Tuesday, 7 April 2015

LUSH Karma bubble bar review

This 100% vegan bubble bar is amazing if you want a refreshing and relaxing bath! The sweet orange oil in the product makes the bubble bar turn the water into a nice orange colour and the pine oil makes the bubble bar fresh and cleansing on your skin. 

To use the product you simply break of a price, any size you like, as you could possibly get around 4 uses from this, and run it under the tap whist your bath is running! It will create loads of bubbles (seriously loads) and turn your bath into orange madness! (As you can kind of see below) it will make your whole bathroom smell of citrus orange, and will leave you feeling fresh and even smelling like it afterwards! I seriously cannot express to you how good the smell of this product is!

I loved this product and I would definitely buy it again as it can be used several times and is amazing for money! this is a product I will always have in my collection and I can't wait to use it again!

This product has been given 97 stars on the LUSH online website and is described as giving "good vibes". This product can be purchased from any LUSH store or online store for £3.25 per bar! 



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