Thursday, 2 April 2015

Zoeva Rose Gold makeup brush set

  •  "A statement accessory for every beauty lover's dressing table"

I recently recieved these amazing brushes as a gift and i am so in love with them! I'm not much of a makeup brush collector so the only other brushes I really use are the real techniques ones and a few Mary rose ones but these ones are honestly amazing, they can be used with creme products or powdered based products, and their bristles are a mixture of real and synthetic hair!

First of all they come in a lovely brown leather pouch which I now use as my travel makeup brush bag as it fits all of my brushes in perfectly and is so pretty! This set comes with 8 brushes...

1: (face) The first brush is the 106 powder brush which i like to use after I have done all my contouring and bronzer and everything just to make sure everything is blended in, this is a perfect brush for actual powering but I have a real techniques powdering brush which I already use!

2: (face) This is the 127 Luxe sheer cheek brush, which is meant for blush, I use both this blush brush and my real technuqies one for blush, just different colours, I use my real techniques for pinker blushes and this one for darker ones! This is a perfectly shaped brush to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks!

3: (face) 102 silk finish brush, I haven't actually gotten round to using this brush yet but it's meant to be for applying foundation, as I have a lot of foundation brushes at the moment I will probably just use this one for applying bb crimes only as I don't have a brush solely for the purpose and I basically live in bb creme in the summer! 

4: (face) this 110 face shape brush is  for contouring your face, whether the product creme or powder, I love this brush and before this I honestly don't know how I used to contour! This is the perfect shape for contouring and is noe of my favourite brushes & most used ones in this set!

5: (eye) the 227 luxe soft definer brush  is what I use to put eyeshadow all over my lid and for some occasional blending, but I don't like to mix my brushes up too much, this is also what I use to apply highlighter under my brow!

6: (eye) this 231 luxe petit crease brush is one of my other favourites in this set as it  makes applying shadow to your crease alot easier and creates definition in your crease a lot more as it's such a small brush, this brush can also be used for blending products.

7: (face) 142 concealer buffer brush, before owning this brush I never used to have a concealer brush so I am in love with this brush! It sets your concealer so well and blends it perfectly with the rest of your face, it's quite a thick brush so it's good for getting your under eye circles! 

8: (eyes) the 317 wing liner brush is made for applying gel eyeliner, which I used to be a massive fan of but now I just stick to superliner pens, so i use this on my brows to apply the gel on the bottom & top lines of my eyebrow, it is a perfect shape and creates a perfect thin line! 

I 100% recommend these brushes if you're a brush lover yourself, however I would advise if you're just starting out with makeup to maybe choose some cheaper ones, as these are quite expensive! 

These brushes can be pitched from the zoeva makeup brushes website for €58.



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