Thursday, 4 June 2015

New highstreet buys...

I recently decided to update my makeup box (more posts about this will be coming soon) so i went to super drug and brought things which were new which i needed to try and also things which I had already had but had run out.

1. L'oreal SUPERLINER:

I had this when the first version came out but  I wasn't very keen on it. At first I loved it and it was my go to eyeliner but then after a while it just stopped growing on me and the tip of the pen became too flimsy as it was very thin so I decided to buy and try this one as I only tend to like pen eyeliners and this one was quite cheap and didn't look bad. To my amazement it is actually really good, Its super dark.. I'm talking like jet black and its very easy to apply, it lasts a few hours before fading a bit but most liners don't last for that long anyway. I like this liner and I use it along side my Kiko eyeliner pen as the L'oreal one is a tad thicker, so on days when I want to have thinner liner I use Kiko and on days I don't I use this.

2.  Sleek MakeUP Brow Stylist Medium 717:

I saw this on a vlog of Lily Melrose's and decided to buy it as it looked good on her and I like the idea of there being a brush on the other end to comb out your brows as thats very handy. However the product isn't very pigmented and will just rub off as soon as you touch it. I do use this product but not for the arch of my brow, for the start of my brow where I like to look lighter than everywhere else. If you are looking for an amazing brow product to do your brows in every day this could be it but I really do not recommend this for people who have thick brows like me which take quite a lot of effort to draw on. 

3. GOSH Velvet Touch Lip Liner Angel Kiss 6:

I brought this lip liner to use with my MAC Velvet teddy lipstick and to my surprise it is actually really nice, for £4.99 i wasn't expecting much but it is waterproof, and it doesn't dry your lips out which is hard to find in a lip liner, it is very pigmented and you can even fill your whole lip in with it and it will look nice. I recommend this nice nude colour hugely!

4. Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde mascara:

I'm not going to lie to you, I did actually buy this mascara because of its pretty casing but to my surprise i do really really love it! It is volumising but not too volumising so it makes your lashes clumpy which is what i like. I find that it makes my bottom lashes look really nice and actually does make my eyelashes look longer yet thinner. I recommend this product 100%.

All of these items can be purchased from any drugstore for under £10.



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