Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pretty Little Liars Seaon 6 Episode 4 "Don't look now" verdict...

Hello there! After watching this weeks PLL I am very very confused!

*****SPOILER ALERT******

So basically; Charles is dead from what Kenneth DiLaurentis has said however the girls aren't convinced he is dead as there is no reference on any of his Radley files that he died or even left. So what do we think? as the story which Ali's dad told her at the end about Charles trying to kill her when she was 11 months old made it seem like Charles is definitely still alive and he has it out for Alison and her friends, which is why he has been torturing them for years, and he hasn't really done anything to Jason, Strange.

The creepiest part of this episode for me was all of the flashbacks the girls keep getting, especially Spencer's, as for all we know A could've done anything to her whist she was asleep or made her do anything and be planting it on her, as we know how much he likes to plant things on poor Spenny.

The questions from this episode which I have are;
1. Is Charles DiLaurentis actually dead or not? as Hanna said, we haven't seen a body or have any evidence of one therefore its very hard to believe, also we was told he was cremated and then the girls find a grave stone of his in their Aunt Carols back garden... strange.
2. I find it weird that aunt Carol died and so did Mrs D, they were both the only people which had connections with Charles whilst he was in Radley and for his life were Aunt Carol and Mrs D and they are now both dead? Coincidence.
3. So where does Bethany Young fit into this? as we know Mrs D used to visit her all the time in Radley, but now we know that Charles was kept in Radley, was that a fake name that Mrs D used? and if so how does this fit in with the whole 2 presents scene from what we saw when Ali was little, Charles is a boy so why would he want girls clothing?
4. Why is Sarah still in the episodes? what is her importance and is she someone we trust or not?
5. Where the hell is Mona? she's been gone since they all escaped from the dollhouse, we need you Mona, as she could help the girls about Radley as she was in there herself for a long time.

This week A seemed to focus on Aria as their target, especially when in the photography room and they just thought they would remind her that they still are in control of her, and shes their 'doll' as she was developing photos of a doll.

What I think:
The other day I read something online which was a little snippet of someone's opinion on pretty little liars and the more I think about it the more I think it could be true. I've changed the parts which I don't think are true but here you go...
Basically, Charles was the first child, then came Jason and those two got on very well, they were both boys and played together and then Allison came a long, being the first girl and getting all the attention Charles became jealous of her, and began to grow a strong hatred towards her, thus the situation of him trying to drown her when she was 11 months old. Ali's parents sent Charles off to Radley to protect Allison as the hate was growing stronger and in there he changed his identity to Bethany Young. He became a girl because he wanted to be like Allison and get the attention she gets from her parents and everyone else around her, but was still in Radley, as this explains why Mrs D kept going to visit Bethany Young so much and why there were 2 outfits found by Allison for girls and Mrs D couldn't let Ali mention it to her dad because he would figure out what had happened to Charles. Following on from that, The person who Mrs D called and said 'I cannot protect you anymore' was Charles/Bethany and after that that's why they killed her, because she knew too much and they were afraid that she would tell, this was also the similar situation with Aunt Carol. Charles did die, but was reborn as Bethany therefore that's why his records only go up to when he was 16 and suddenly stop, as he changed identity and broke out of Radley and now is A and is tormenting the girls.

I'm not sure if I'm right, but if I am I will be very happy haha! here's next weeks promo for you.. it looks like a good one!!

I'm super excited for next weeks episode as it actually looks quite scary haha, but I hope we find out more to do with the Charles situation and who he knew in Radley who could've helped him or even possibly be A now. The end scene is the scene which made me realise kind of how weird this sitation is as we realise A has a tracker on all of the girls.. how did he put that on them? did he put it inside their skin when they were in the doll house? its very creepy.

Feel free to comment below to let me know what you think as I would love to know! See you next week!

Annie X


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