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Pretty little liars Season 6 Episode 1 "Game on, Charles" verdict...

*************SPOILER ALERT****************

First of all..


I am so happy the girls got out, I genuinely had a sigh of relief when it happened! This episode was so intense and I LOVED it!!!

Questions from this episode;

1. Who actually is Charles Di'Laurentis?
Allison looked like she had a pretty good idea of who it was when Emily asked her therefore he could be a close family member or a distant cousin.. but I'm certain she knows who he is, and why he hasn't been mentioned before.

2.  Is there two A's now?
When the girls first lit the tape on fire we saw A/Charles storm off and grab a mask and then when family pulls back the curtains in the volt we see him there, so we know thats where he went, but then it goes back to another A/Charles by the screens watching the girls... hmmmm.

3. Is all of the newspapers that the girls received true?
 Is Hanna's mum in hospital and why didn't we see any of the parents in this episode..

4. Has Sarah Harvard been in A's 'dollhouse' from the start?
 The tally on the wall in where she was saying suggested she had been there for quite a long time but when was she actually first brought there? and why her? because she has a similar appearance to Alison?

5. Where is A now because they didn't seem to find him/it at the end?
Have the girls now lost A and A has let them out of his doll house or is he still in there?

6. Is Andrew actually guilty?
Last season made us think Andrew was a little guilty but this season they have actually named him as a suspect so does this mean he is potentially Charles, because I'm not too sure..

7. Is Spencer related to Charles?
She's related to Jason and if Jason is her step brother then she must be related to Charles.

8. How did Ezra and Caleb get through the barbed wire and everything?
I didn't see them struggle to get through the barbed wire which was around the fence, unless it was taken down and A knew this was all going to happen.

9. What happened to the girls when they returned to their rooms and were screaming?
Once the girls went back to their rooms after being stuck outside and then in the morgue when their doors shut all we heard was screaming from all of them, and they it suddenly skipped to 3 weeks later and nothing was mentioned about it apart from the girls saying they didn't want to discuss it until they got out and spencer saying "I don't even know if i could find the words" [to describe what happened]. All that I noticed is that they were all in different clothes, the clothes they used to wear when Ali first went missing and Aria had her pink hair.

10. If Charles is A why would he kill Mrs D which he is related to?
and what could she have done to deserve this.. what did she know about Charles and why did she never mention him?

So this episode I thought was a pretty intense start of the season, showing us whats yet to come and I am SO excited!! First of all, we don't actually find out anything more about Charles from this episode apart from the fact he has a soul as the girls said but what is this whole thing with Andrew? Is this another trick being played on us to make us think it is him or is he Charles, seeing as he does have similar features to Jason and Allison with his light hair. Also did anybody think it was extremely weird when Jason walked through the door when the cops announced the phone was in the house.. it was almost if he had planted all of that there and then walked in to break the suspension to cause the cops to go looking.. seems very suspicious to me!

This whole episode had me on the edge of my seat, literally and I actually found myself screaming at the screen a few times haha (I get way too involved). The girl who was found, Sarah Hastings was a massive shock to me as I never thought that there would have been another person in the house, also the tally on the wall she was doing showed how long she must have been there for, she was dressed in the clothes that Ali went missing in and had hair like Ali's so my opinion is that she might have been the fake Alison before Mona was there, and when A was finished with her he just dumped her into a room.

This notebook of Andrews confused me a lot as it appeared to have been found and put in a police evidence file but when? we was never shown this and in the last season Andrew wasn't that suspicious and now he's suddenly a murderer and a kidnapper...

The part which creeped me out the most during this episode was when A/Charles finally let the girls back in after leaving them outside for god knows how long, he then gassed all of them except from Mona and then puts them in the morgue and Mona returns to being Ali and being their nurse. I honestly thought that the girls might have been dead at the start of this scene and my heart was pounding.. this was a very creepy scene and Mona pretending to be Ali always gives me the creeps.. I'm not sure why this scene was involved but I think that it was to show them how easy it would be to kill the girls, hence why he put them in a morgue, also this could mean that if they disobey him again that is how they will end up.

Im confused how Mona knew that Charles was going to 'kill her' and how he didn't see her carving "HES GOING TO KILL ME" into the back of the wardrobe, or did he and thats why he put her in the well, but surely if he did he would have covered it up...

One good thing that happened in this episode was Spencer telling the other girls what she found out in the finale (that Charles is a Di'Laurentis) via the etch a sketch as then they could all start trying to figure it out in their heads. The part of the episode in which Spencer explains to the girls that "Something about him was very familiar" [talking about Charles] and then she goes on to say examples like a pen pal or a cousin.. this scene was very weird and suggests that spencer used to have   contact with Charles when she was little, showing that her parents must know who this person is for her to be around them.

Does Allison know who Charles Di'Laurentis is? she gave a weird look when his name was said as if to say she knows who he is and it has been a secret so she's surprised that Emily would know and ask.. but in next weeks promo (below) it shows Allison asking her dad who Charles is...

There was no parents of the girls locked in the dollhouse in this episode which was weird as i thought they would be shown being distressed and Veronica Hastings would be trying to help. The one big question from this episode for me is did Charles mean to let the girls out and was this a plan of his.. because it may not have looked like one but it could turn around to be as we know how smart he is.. I am so pumped for next weeks episode.. but for now I'm just going to leave you with this..

Let me know what you thought of last nights episode below!



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