Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Pretty little liars Season 6 Episode 2 "Songs of innocence" verdict..

First of all.. was I the only person confused as to why the episode started with the opening sequence straight away and there wasn't a bit before? very strange.

Anyhow, the one big question which I would like to know from this episode is..

Is Andrew Campbell actually 'Charles Di Laurentis'?

Reasons to believe that he is:
1) He's been missing whilst the girls were in the doll house (suspicious)
2) A diary of his was found (We saw it in the last episode) where he explains his hatred for Allison and her friends
3) All of the computer equipment was in his name
4) his truck was tracked to where the girls were being held
5) He has been made to look very nice and trustworthy to looking very suspicious within the last season to now

However, this could be A trying to plant this on Andrew to make sure they don't get caught out..

Reasons to believe he isn't:
1) At the end of this episode he seemed very annoyed that he was being talked to in the prison and looked confused..
2) Sarah asked Emily if she is sure that it was Andrew, suggesting that she doesn't think it is..
3) None of the girls ever actually saw A without his mask on
4) Andrew was helping Aria in the last season
5) If he really was A.. and we know how clever A is, why would he leave any evidence that it is him for example the computers being brought in his name?

Firstly, why does Sarah's mum not want her back? this whole situation seems very very strange to me, and the fact that she ran away from her home means she didn't like it.. was it as bad as A's doll house,  why was she in there for so long? Poor Sarah, she runs away from home, gets kidnapped and held in A's Dollhouse for two years and then comes out and her mum isn't even happy!

In this scene I realised her resemblance to Allison a lot, the long blonde hair and the plain face, I think that A used her as Allison before he found Mona to replace her, that was why she had been there for so long. Therefore this had been a plan of A's all along, to get the girls into the doll house and little hints were dropped a long the way, for example when the girls were given their doll toys and were told to do what the doll says, Emilys took her to the farm in which the girls were being held near by where she thought she saw Allison.

Does Allison's dad actually know about a 'Charles Di Laurentis' or not? The exact moment Allison asked her dad this question this was his facial expression..

To me, this shows that he most definitely knows who Charles Di Laurentis is and I think and am hoping that next week a few more questions will be answered about Charles. However, the scene below suggests that Allison is either looking around to find about Charles or has already found something, as we see her looking through a photo album and it zooms in on 2 pictures of a little boy, and Allison's face begins to look worried.. Does she finally know who he is?

I guess we will find out next week, as the promo for it below suggests:

 "Jason always thought a part of this family was missing"

Who is the new policeman and why is he there? Helloooo man in uniform!! Apart from being a police man in the town why has he suddenly appeared.. and why would he come to Rosewood? does he have any relation to whats going on with the girls?

Where is mona? I was expecting Mona to be in this episode and maybe even her mum but none of them made an appearance! We miss you Mona, Come back!!

Where was Tanner, In Episode one Tanner was all over this case, and it seems like there is a new person now? We want tanner back!!
She doesn't even go here!!

In this episode I thought that the girls all started to go slightly crazy, they were all getting horrible flash backs of being in the Doll house. Firstly we had Hanna who was taking everything out of her room and wanting to redecorate, as everything around her reminded her of the situation. Then we had Aria snapping at Ezra about not wanting to write down what happened and claiming that she saw Andrews face in the Doll house to the police, when we know she didn't, Then we had Spencer not being able to sleep because of the lack of the medication she was being given, and lastly Emily who went on a shooting rampage with her dads guns at the shooting range, I really never knew she had that in her. Feisty Emily!!

What are your views on this weeks episode and what do you hope for in next weeks? Feel free to comment below and let me know!



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