Friday, 19 June 2015

Pretty little liars season 6 Episode 3 "songs of Experience" verdict...

Hey there! I apologise for the late post, I've been very very busy! but anyway...

I loved this episode of pretty little liars and I finally think we're close to finding out who A/Charles is and I think it maybe in next weeks episode.

Questions from this episode:
1) Where is Mona? she hasn't been in an episode since the girls got themselves out of the doll house.. is she okay?
2) What is wrong with Sarah's mum? she seems very weird, the way Sarah explains her paints a picture as if she doesn't care about Sarah, and why is Sarah still in the episodes? is she a key person in the show now?
3) Now we know A/Charles isn't Andrew.. so who is it? as we've been told that we have seen them before in the episodes.. so I wonder who it is..
4) What is going on or going to happen with Lorenzo and Allison? is he generally interested in her or just wants information?
5) So is Charles an actual person or is A just playing on the name and pretending there is a person called 'Charles Dilaurentis'? as we know that it was Jason's 'imaginary friend' and his friend when he was little.
6) Why is Dr Sullivan involved again?
7) Why is Toby so set on not letting Ali and Lorenzo talk or see each other?
8) What is Ali's dad hiding? and why is he hiding it?
9) If A was able to hear that the girls were going to tell Dr Sullivan about A/Charles and they was at the school, how did A also get to the room with Sarah in in Emily's house? is there two A's?
10) What is the relevance of the doll in Arias room, and the one in her photos on her camera?

Next weeks promo:

Firstly, Part of me does feel sorry for Andrew but then the other half thinks its too much of a coincidence for him not to be A... I mean we found out he was adopted which could mean he was 'Charles Dilaurentis' before as we now he isn't part of the Dilaurentis family any more for some reason. Also he does have similar features to both Allison and Jason, fair skin, light hair and eyes. His face when he was explaining why he didn't have an alibi for whilst the girls were missing as he was busy looking for them made me feel extremely bad and I can't imagine how bad the girls felt, especially Aria as she was the closest to him AND the one who said it was definitely him and she saw his face.

So in next weeks promo it tells us that Charles Dilaurentis is dead... So why didn't Ali's dad just simply say that when she asked him? why is there so many secrets? I don't believe he is dead, As we all know that the majority of the time when someone dies in PLL they're most probably not dead. I think that he was sent away for some reason, maybe to another home or maybe to a place like Radley Sanitarium as he may have had a learning/social difficulty. However, If he is actually dead, which will need to be proved via body and everything then the only other explanation is that A found out that there was a Charles Dilaurentis previously and is just playing a game with the girls and is pushing them away from finding out who the real A is.

Is there more than one A? because several scenes have implied that there is either more than one A or A has several helpers, either that or they have a superpower which allows them to be in several places at once. I thought this scene was very very strange and actually quite creepy.. why would A involve Sarah again and how are they in Emily's house?

The ending of the episode quite annoyed me actually as the question was finally asked to Mr Dilaurentis which we all wanted to know and then the episode finished and it just went silent.. however I think in this scene it looks like this person is infact Charles Dilaurentis and he is looking in on the family that he should have had, whilst they are arguing about him and Ali and Jason are finally finding out the truth. Maybe that is what Charles wanted all a long, just to be noticed and known as  person, as it was always Ali who was the most favourite child, and then she went missing and everything was about her and her friends as they was popular, I think he wants their life and to be popular in a way and that is why he is tormenting them.

See you next week for more!



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