Wednesday, 8 July 2015

5 tips for people who are starting university this year!

1) When buying kitchen utensils. Make sure you get knifes and forks with different coloured ends or different patterned, as it will make it easier to differentiate yours from other people's! example...

2) Purchase a door stopper! (a pretty one obvs!) The more inviting your room is on fresher's week the merrier. 

3) Bring a printer as printing can work out to be expensive and it saves trips to the library when you have one in your room!

4) When buying pots and pans. Buy small ones as you will only be cooking for yourself so there is no need to have huge pot or pan & waste cooking time and space. I purchased my pots and pans from IKEA but then found that places like Matalan and TK Max do super cute ones so I would suggest looking in there!

5) Purchase a water filter to keep in the fridge! These are so handy as in some places the tap water can be nasty so this is good to have, also it's a good way of keeping your water cold all the time!
Hope you have an amazing time if you do decide to go to University! If you are thinking of it comment below what you're doing and where as I would love to know :)
Annie X


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