Friday, 10 July 2015

Bare minerals up close & beautiful 30 day complexion starter kit...

I've always wanted to try out some of Bare Minerals' products as I've always wondered what they're like with oily skin, as they're all mineral or mineral based. This starter kit includes;

1) Prime time foundation primer 
2) Bare minerals original foundation 
3) Mineral Veil mineral powder
4) Mineral concealer
5) Mini face brush
6) Mini concealer brush

When applying this, I firstly put the primer on my T-Zone, I then applied the original foundation all over my face with the Mini face brush, Afterwards I applied the mineral concealer under my eyes and over any spots/blemishes I wanted to cover up, and then to finish off I applied the mineral veil all over my face and I'm done!!

I'm going to be honest, I really wasn't expecting that much from bare minerals just because it's not liquid foundations and concealers etc, it's all mineral powder, so I just thought that it would slide off right away. To my surprise it actually done the opposite! This is one of the only foundations I've found and tried which I have NEVER needed to powder over during the day. My skin is super oily and I felt matte throughout the whole day!

I really really like this kit, and hopefully it lasts me 30 days as it says it will, and then I will probably purchase the full versions.

Their starter kits are normally around £39.99 however I managed to get this for £9.99 therefore I think it was definitely worth the money!

Annie X


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