Saturday, 18 July 2015

Birchbox July subscription UK 2015!

I've only been signed up with birch box for two months now but I really do love it! It's not like any other beauty box, they actually tend to give you samples
Which you will use! And the packaging is insane! For example last months box:

This months box: 

Within the box you tend to get 5 samples every month, a long with a little accessory! 

This months box included;

1. Soigné Nail varnish in the colour 
2. Pop eye shadow palette including the colours 
3. Benefit dream screen 
4. Unani Aloe Vera crème 
5. Indeme face spray 
6. Little headband for your hair!

My favourites in this months set were the nail varnish, the Pop eye shadow set and then benefit dream screen! Just because I know I will most definitely use up all three of these products! 
Soigné Nail varnish:
I really like this colour, its very nude and simple. The packaging of the nail varnish kind of looks like the packaging of a perfume bottle, it looks very nice and pretty! The nail varnish itself actually has a scent, so doesn't really have that normal strong nail varnish smell, and in order to get a nice colour you will need to apply two coats! Just because its a light colour, if you only want to apply one coat then you can, it will just look very weak! The varnish takes an average amount of time to dry, not quick nor fast and definitely needs a top coat, as without one it will chip very easily, like most nail varnishes. You can purchase these nail colours from the Soigne website for £11 each.
Pop eye shadow palette:
I really like this mini eye shadow set and think its so handy to put in your travel bag if you're going on holiday, or just staying round a friends house for a night and don't have the room for a huge eye shadow palette. The three colours are warm, summery colours and can be worn all together or separately!
Benefit dream screen:
This is weightless sun screen made purely for your face, which has an SPF 45 in is so handy to keep in your hand bag, in case the sun does come out and you didn't prepare for it!
Unani Aloe Vera crème:
This is perfect for people who are more prone to getting sunburnt on their face, as its a soothing Aloe Vera crème, which moisturises and repairs your skin! I haven't actually tried this yet as I am a bit sceptical about putting products on my face as I have such an oily complexion and I don't want to put anything on my face which will trigger a huge oily outbreak! But I have heard many good things about it from other Birchbox subscribers!

Indeme face spray:
This spray is supposed to be used both morning and night, you spray it onto your face from about a 7 inch distance, and then wipe it away with a piece of cotton wool. This spray has lemon, apricot, grapefruit and tomato inside it and "it rejuvenates, brightens and softens your skin and gives your existing skincare regime a little extra sparkle".
Little headband for your hair!:
This isn't something which I would wear out, as I don't really like my head shape, nor having my hair pulled off my face. However I tend to use this when doing my makeup as it pulls my hair away from my face nicely so I can do my makeup easier.
Speak soon!
Annie X


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