Thursday, 30 July 2015

Cities I would most like to visit in Europe! Destination one...

I have a SERIOUS case of travel bug, and also a serious lack of money to go a long with it, but I find myself at least twice a week looking at travelling websites online and Interrailing and watching peoples experience videos. I have finally come to the conclusion that I am going to go interrailing next summer whilst I'm in my summer holidays away from Univeristy. This is a rough guide of places I would like to visit on this trip and I'm sure I will be adding stuff and taking stuff away throughout the next year but here it is!

Destination 1: Amsterdam! I really really want to go to Amsterdam just because I think it is such a cute city, everything looks so pretty in photos, for example The Canal. I would mostly like to visit Anne Franks house whilst I am there and also go on bikes around Amsterdam, to get a real feel of the city. I have previously looked at places to stay in Amsterdam and found a place called Lucky lake hostel. It is situated just outside of Amsterdam so is accessible by an easy train ride, and consists of different coloured caravans, which is where you stay! Breakfast is included as they have a breakfast van on site where you can make and serve yourself any food which they supply. There is a lake next to the hostel (which is all outside) of which you can do water sports on, including kayaking.

Lucky Lake, Amsterdam
Breakfast area and some of the rooms.

To book this hostel or look at the prices their website is They cater for people who want to sleep just two people in a cabin or even 6! and obviously the more people the less money it costs! I just really like this idea as I think this will show me the City of Amsterdam and the countryside.

Colorful Amsterdam, Neterlands
Near Amsterdam airport.
As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a hot spot for weekend travelers. There are hundreds of things to do, from sightseeing at historic sites and museums, and smoking in coffeeshops, to simply enjoying its upbeat nightlife.
The Canal.

If you've been to amsterdam before and have any places to see, things to do to recommend please let me know below!

Thanks for reading!

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