Sunday, 5 July 2015

June Favourites!

I'm not very good at sticking to doing monthly favourite posts but I am really trying to keep up with them so here you go! My favourites last month were...

1) W7 Up in Smoke Palette:
I've been meaning to buy a smoky eye palette for so long, and when I saw this I just had to buy it because of all of the amazing things I've heard about w7 eye pallets recently. They are super pigmented and super pretty! I will be doing a blog post soon about two of their palettes.

2) Yes to cucumber soothing facial towelettes:
I've actually been telling myself for ages to buy myself a mini pack of travel makeup wipes as whenever I go to my boyfriends I always either forget to take them there or leave them there so have none when I go back home! So when these came in my birch box I was very happy! These wipes are so nice and gentle on your skin, they smell cucumber-y and are very wet so you only have to use one on your face!

3) Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick:
Now I know I am SOO late on this trend but I freakin' love this lipstick! It is the most amazing nude colour and I can literally wear it with everything, I always keep it in my handbag to spare and I really think it just looks nice on everyone. Also, I'm pretty sure it makes your teeth look whiter!

4) LUSH New charity pot, hand and body moisturiser:
I'm not sure about you guys, but i think bringing a hand moisturiser out is soooo agg, as they're not the smallest things in the word so when I was purchasing something (secret ;)) from Lush the other day and the woman at the till asked me if I wanted one I was just like yeah why not :). All of the profits go to charity (by profits i mean £1, as it cost me £1) and its just so small and easy to carry around with you, it smells lovely and is very moisturising! Bargain!

5) Maybelline Brow Drama:
I actually purchased this AGES ago and at first I used it and then I got a bit bored of it, so I kind of just shoved it to the back of my make-up draw and forgot about it but recently I found it and I've been using it non stop! I think its just so perfect for those days when you can't be bothered to fill your brows in as it gives them a bit of a change, and makes them stay in shape, also this is great if your brows don't actually need to be filled in, if they're just naturally like that or you've just had them tinted! I will defo be re-purchasing this soon! This product is around £5.99

6) Mac Prep and Prime translucent powder:
I recently published a blog post all about this so click on this link to find out more!

7)Body Shop Coconut Body mist:
OH MY GOD this smells amazing, Seriously every single person who smells me once I put this on literally says 'Annie, you smell like summer' or 'You smell like suncream' because that's actually what it smells like!. It's probably one of the nicest body sprays I've ever smelt and I wear it every single day. I probably wouldn't wear it in the winter as it is definitely a summery smell but i seriously advise you to buy this! you won't regret it.. or at least go and smell it in a body shop store :) IMO not sure how much it was as my boyfriends mum gave it to me but I would say its probably around £7-£10.

8) L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil:
I never really used to care about my hair, or put any oils in it, until one day I realised how bad the condition of it was... So I found this in my room (don't ask, things just appear I swear!) and I tried it on my hair a few times, all you do is run it through the lengths with your fingers when its damp and I've actually already noticed the difference! My hair used to get super greasy within less than 24 hours and now it just looks so nice and shiny!. I recommend this completely if your hair is in need of a little saving!

Annie X


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