Wednesday, 8 July 2015

LUSH Roots Hair treatment conditioner

Recently I've been feeling really down about my hair, as I know it is in awful condition at the moment, with the sun drying it out and everything so I decided to look up intense hair conditioning treatments. My first go to was obviously Boots and Superdrug but nothing in there was naturally made or sounded like it would actually do my hair any good, and at a reasonable price so I decided to look in LUSH.

This is one of my favourite stores for body and hair products mainly because everything is Fresh and handmade, but also because I know that its no animal testing! I've actually seen the product 'Roots' before on someone else's blog or in a magazine and thought that I should try it out so when the man in the store recommended it to me I thought why not. The product is made for thine (thin and fine) and dry hair which was perfect for what I needed and it comes in a lovely big pot so I can use it loads and loads :).

Basically, you divide your hair into sections whilst its dry (before washing) and then apply the product on your scalp and roots and massage it in so it stimulates your scalp and hair follicles and gets to work! Afterwards you get in the shower and rinse, and then shampoo and condition as normal!

The ingredients in this are; three kinds of mint, which actually stimulate the hair follicles, there's some olive oil also which adds strength, honey which will smoothen your hair and nettle absolute to make it shine!.

Whilst the product was in my hair, I could actually feel it working, I cant really describe the feeling but it was similar to when you put a face mask on and you can feel it going into your skin and it feels kind of like a burning-cold sensation, and its very strong. I found my hair was very knotty and un-brushable whilst the product was in my hair, but once I had washed it out of my hair I thought the opposite. My hair was so unbelievably smooth and smelt amazing! I cant really describe the smell other than like minty lemony, It legit smelt like I had poured a Mojito on my head!
There hasn't been many conditioners which I've felt like have actually worked within one wash apart from this one! I'm planning on using this product once a week on my hair and I will 100% repurchase this once it has run out. I'm hoping that within a month or two my hair will have thickened up a bit, so I will report back to you then!

You can buy this product for £10.25/225g on the LUSH website.
Annie X


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