Friday, 3 July 2015

Mac Prep and Prime skin smoother review...

Hello there! Recently I have been looking around a lot more to try and find things to aid my oily skin as its getting very hot outside and my face is definitely getting oiler. So I decided to try Mac's prep and prime skin smoother. The product is in powder form and Is translucent therefore only is available in one colour.

I really like this product and I think that It helps with keeping my skin matt throughout the day, especially as it comes in a compact which makes it easy to use on-the-go and it also has a mirror on the lid, making it easier to know where you need to apply a product on your face.

A snippet from the Mac website, about this product 'A silky, colourless finishing powder suitable for all skin tones. Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of lines & imperfections. Wear over makeup or on its own. Now in a pressed compact for ease & portability.'.

This product can be used in two ways; You can number one, either apply it to your face before you do all of your makeup or number two (which I do), apply it after you've done your foundation and concealer in order to set your makeup and prevent shine throughout the day.

I personally love this powder, Ive heard many mixed reviews about it but for people with oily skin, it works a treat. As its translucent you can put it anywhere, and you wont be able to recognise it colour wise. For example I only tend to get oily on my T-Zone so I only apply the product there, and when I do this with other powders which aren't translucent I find that the colour difference from my T-Zone to the rest of my face is very obvious, but when I use this product, its not.

I also use this when i don't fancy wearing any foundation on a hot day or a day where I'm not really doing anything, I just conceal under my eyes and wherever else is needed and powder this on my face and I'm done!

The packaging for this is different than other mac products, the box it comes in is all pretty and glittery which I thought was cute, however the actual compact is just normal, it has a lid which lifts up to be a mirror and then the powder is below it.

Even though this product is quite pricey, I think that it's fully worth it and for me so far, Ive found that it has lasted me a long time. I purchased this product in late May and I've used it near on every day since and there is no evidence of any usage from the photos I've included here!

This product can be purchased from MAC online or in store for £.

Cheaper alternatives to this product can be found below;

1) Collection Sheer Loose Powder 20g Translucent 2- £2.99

2) Matte Perfect Loose Translucent Powder-£2.30

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