Friday, 17 July 2015

Maybelline 3 for 2 offer in Boots!

Whenever I go into a drug store I literally cannot help myself if I see an offer on, and this time it was Maybelline's 3 for 2 offer so I thought I would grab some things!

Firstly; I needed a new mascara, as my colourfully packaged Bourjois one is beginning to run out, and honestly I don't normally buy one set mascara, apart from Benefit's They're Real, which I occasionally use! So I picked up one of Maybelline's mascaras! This one is an extreme black extra volume mascara, which is what I wanted and it definitely does the job! I cant say that it has stuck out from any other mascaras for me, I think it does the job but is pretty average!
I re-purchased my much loved Maybelline colour 24HR tattoo gel crème eye shadow in the colour On and On bronze, as I had hit pan on my other one aggges ago and it was beginning to dry out! This is a product I use very often, I just find it so quick and easy to use, within one stroke of it on my eye it transforms a look completely! I would definitely recommend this for makeup beginners or people who don't tend to have much time in the morning to do their makeup! These come in a range of colours, and can be purchased in the majority of drug stores for around £6.
Lastly, I picked up with Maybelline master sculpt contouring palette in the shade 01 light medium. I have heard so many people praising this kit so I thought I may as well try it, as I've been looking for a contouring palette for quite a while now. To my surprise it wasn't that good.. I'm not sure if it was just me applying it wrong, or the fact that I wear powder foundation not liquid, but it just wouldn't blend on my face, as soon as you applied the product it stayed there and wouldn't move, so you cant really blend it (which is a good thing if you put it where it needs to go in the first place haha). I also purchased it in the light shade as I don't like my contour to be too dark but this is really light, and you have to put many layers of it on until it actually begins to show, and then I just found that it looked cakey! The highlighter in the kit is very nice for a powdered highlighter, and even though I don't use them anymore I think this one is good for its money and handy, as the compact comes with a brush and a mirror, and then flips down to the product, so is very good for on-the-go. If you are looking for a drugstore contour kit, why not try this as this could be completely different on you as it is on me! Just be careful when choosing the colour! 
Thanks for reading!
Annie X


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