Friday, 3 July 2015

Outdoor cinema In Shoreditch, Queen of Hoxton..

A few Sundays ago my boyfriend and I drove to Shoreditch to go to an outdoor roof top cinema, as we had never been to one before, and the tickets were on offer (£14). We went to see Paddington the film, which we had both seen before but its a nice feel good film and we enjoyed it none the less :).

When we arrived at the venue, there was loads of parking outside which was free, so we parked and then went inside where there was a girl waiting, so we showed her our tickets and she gave us tour wireless headphones, as everyone had these and they were wired up to the film, and blankets if we wanted them!. We then headed up the stairs (like 7 flights of them haha) and we finally got to the roof top!

I had never been to the Queen of Hoxton but I really really loved it! The roof top was so so pretty and summery it was just such a nice atmosphere!. Upstairs there was a bar which was open till 10pm and also a popcorn stand where you can buy popcorn (obvs) and sweets for the film. The film began at 9 o'clock I think it was and everyone snuggled up and watched it :).

I really really enjoyed myself here, and I don't know what it is but watching a film outside on a big screen is just so surreal and fun! I'm definitely going to go back again at some point in the summer, as they are featured all around London, including Somerset house (imagine!).

Also, there was a Photo Booth downstairs in the venue.. now who doesn't love a good Photo Booth ;)

Tickets for outdoor cinemas around London can be found on timeout's website!

Thanks for reading!

Annie X


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