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Pretty little liars Season 5 Episode 5 ' Shes no angel' Verdict...

'Charles isn't dead dead until we find something to prove it'

I thought this episode went by really really quick, I'm not sure if it was because I found it VERY tense in some places...

Questions from this episode:
1) Who is the girl who spencer saw in her dream and the girl she saw in the painting in Radley?
2) Where has Jenna gone? she seems to have disappeared quickly...
3) Why was Lesley in Radley in the first place?
4) Who is Arias new photography friend.. is he someone to watch?
5) So if Lesley shared a room with Bethany Young, did they both know Charles, and did Mona know Bethany? and Lesley know Mrs D?

The starting scene with spencer in her dream, which was made to look like she was in a mental hospital was the scene which creeped me out the most, I generally felt like I was watching a scary film and I was preparing myself for the girl to just jump out or something to happen. This scene was very dramatic, as it was an interpretive dance, and I think there is something more to it, all of the dancing around and the bath tubs relating to Radley. Also the shoes must mean something big, whether it means Charles was in Radley in that room or something else.

I think this whole situation with Sarah is very strange, why wouldn't her mum want her back? and we've never actually met her mum which is quite strange.. does her mum have something to do with A/Charles or know something?. Also, I remember back to when Sara Harvey was first reported missing and we was introduced to one of Sara's friends called Claire, who explained what Sara was like, here it is in the clip below;

Sara is explained here as the complete opposite person who we see her as right now, which I find extremely strange. In my opinion I think Sara is hiding something as she just looks too innocent, and although she was down in the dollhouse too, I'm not sure she's completely as innocent as she makes herself out to be. Another point is, the tattoo that Sara got, the bird in the cage.. is this a relation to Tippee the bird which we saw a few seasons ago which was A's bird.

HELLO MONA! her entrance was so sassy, just sitting there all in black and black sunglasses, she kind of looks creepy to me haha, and on her first day back, one of her good friends Lesley had a huge go at her, for no reason!. To me, Lesley is a weird character and I think she's quite guilty, I mean if your friend had supposedly died and then it turned out they actually got kidnapped and are still alive, the first time you see them you wouldn't shout at them? she crazy. However, I don't think she is A, I still stand by my theory from last week therefore think she is helping A/Charles, as they are her friend, from but im not sure why she would hurt her friend Mona, and why Mona wouldn't be on the girls side.

I really hope next week we find out more about Mona and Lesley as I was actually quite shocked when we found out Lesley had been in Radley. I didn't expect it as when we first met her she was made out to be an innocent girl whose friend had died and she was grieving. Also, when we first met her I remember her taking a book of Mona's from her room, which kicked up a fuss with mike, so I'm wondering if that book meant anything and why did she want it?

I like Aria's new photographer friend, I think he's cute, but there was definitely something about that junk yard he took her to, all of those creepy dolls! I think the whole scene had some reference to A and all the dolls being there because Aria shouted at A when she was in the dollhouse, 'Im not your doll' when he gave her hair dye. Also there is LOTS of jars in this scene, which suggest entrapment, and Aria is the main person in this episode who A is targeting, Hence the end scene with the hair. Therefore maybe she will be really targeted next week as she was the one who found out that A may be a girl.

A is a girl???!!

When Aria realised that the photo of A made them look to be like a girl I realised that I think A is a girl too, as we have been given sooo many possibilities throughout all of the seasons as to who it could be, and people have been made to look suspicious like Arias brother and her Dad, and then Jason and Lucas and Andrew which are all boys. Therefore I think that they are trying to convince us that A is a boy when actually they're a girl so we don't try and figure it out and out minds don't skip to immediately thinking of girls to think it is.

Even though it says Charles is dead I really don't think I believe it, I think that those papers which Hanna and Spencer found were probably fake and he's most probably still alive. As I don't see why the whole room in the dollhouse would've been set up with  Charles' toys and home videos in it, and the room was locked, I think that seems all too real, and it links with Mrs D and my theory from last week.

Allison and Lorenzo kissing didn't really phase me much as I kind of knew it was coming, but its confused me a bit as I thought Allison liked girls, hence the whole Emily situation, but obviously not! Anyway, I'm happy that Allison has found someone I just hope Lorenzo isn't using her to get information from her for his job.

Next weeks promo:

See you next week! :)

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