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Pretty little liars season 6 episode 5 "No stone unturned" verdict...

Apologies for the late post! everything in my house has been hectic for the past week so you'll have to bare with me post wise for a few days!

 "People can surprise you, Mona maintained a 4.0 average and perfect hair whilst she was tapping Rosewood Police calls"

Anyway! What a loooong 2 weeks it had been since the return of pretty little liars on our screens! but wasn't the wait worth it? I LOVED this episode! I finally feel like we are actually close to knowing who the real 'A' is and hopefully all of the tricks and fake clues which lead us to the wrong people are over, as we now know that Charles Di Laurentis is in-fact ALIVE! (I knew it;) Team Hanna all a long!).

 Questions from this episode;
1. Why did Mr Di Laurentis receive a birthday card from 'Charles' does this mean it's near his birthday or?
2. Where was Allison in this episode? why didn't we see her?
3. Whats up with Spencers friend Dean? why is he randomly in the programme again?
4. So, if Leslie Stone isn't 'A' or whatever, why did she have a dozen pairs of fake glasses in her car? almost like she's pretending to be something she's not.
5. Why did Leslie hate Bethany Young?
6. Why did Leslie never see or hear about Charles in Radley until the day he went missing?

Haleb were looking like they're on a downfall and this makes me super sad! They're probably my favourite couple in PLL, (with Ezria being my second) I hope that they end up sorting it out or something as I know Caleb has Hanna's best interest at heart, and the more she pushes him away the more clingy he gets. Their scene near the end was probably one of my faves from this episode, I was just cheering for them haha! In this episode I felt like all of the characters love lives took a change, there was Spencer who was missing toby and had Dean admit that the wanted to kiss her, then Aria, when she went to see Ezra he was with Emily's volunteer friend, Nicole. Following on from that we have Hanna and Caleb again, Caleb looking at that book as he thinks his relationship needs to be saved and then Emily and Sara, kissing!

I'm still not sure if I trust Sara yet, as she seems super innocent in comparison to what her friend described her as in a previous season, also we know she was forced to become Allison, as she said she was made to answer by her name and wear her clothes whilst she was in the doll house, however I think she is becoming a little like Allison now with this whole relationship with Emily, it just seems very strange, as we were never told she was a lesbian or anything, and suddenly she's kissing emily. It's almost as if she was doing things on purpose, like showing her the tattoo on her back at the start of the episode, and getting her to rub creme on it, and also falling asleep in her bed, instead of where she normally sleeps. Also I think that the whole Sara being knocked over on her bike situation was strange....? I've inserted a clip below which is of Emily and one of Sara's friends, and she's describing her.

Why on earth would they go back to that creep junk yard? and was it me or did it seem even creepier the second time, if thats even possible! the dolls and clowns just got more and more, and the bars, suggesting being trapped, like in a cage or something. 

Well OBVIOUSLY they were chipped! If that was me I would legit rip that chip out of my neck! surely they can do something about that and go to the police as they all have it.. does Mona have it?

Do we believe what Leslie has told Mona about Charles/ Leslie? Do we think Charles isn't dead and is just missing as he ran away or is she taking the heat from herself? This explanation seems legit however we know we can't trust any body!

Mr Di Laurentis in his car sounded like he was trying to trace Charles Di Laurentis' records, calling the places which he was at before, however they had no records of him, strange?.

Also, this episode didn't have a scene at the end with A doing something, It was just a scene of Mr Di Laurentis digging up his grave, where we finally see what the birthday card say's;

This scene made me so excited for next weeks episode as we will hopefully finally know wether Charles is dead or alive, for final!

The promo for next weeks episode;

See you next week!

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