Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 7 "Come brother where art thou?" verdict..

Oh My God!!! This weeks episode was goooood!!

********* SPOILER ALERT********

I was really hoping we would get a tiny glimpse of Charles at least, but we didn't :( However, at least we now know he's in fact alive!

Questions from this episode:
1) Who was the 'Freddie' person in the home video in the last scene?
2) Was Charles actually going to give Jason a chance?
3) Is Ali's dad okay?
4) Now the police know, what are they going to do?
5) Do we believe that Lesley has nothing to do with it?
6) is Hanna's trust fund legit, or is it from A?
7) Do we trust Sara with going back to Claire's?
8) Does the next episode mean that the police are going to start working with the girls to find out who the real Charles is?

This episode was extremely tense and every bit of drama which happened just went by so quickly and I hope that next week the girls and Tanner start to piece things together and finally come closer to finding out who Charles/A is! I'm quite confused of why, if A is indeed Charles Di Laurentis, he is torturing the girls, when they had nothing to do with him being sent away, as Allison was young when that happened and most likely didn't know any of her friends. What is his motive? obviously he is annoyed at the Di Laurentis family for what happened but Ali's dad didn't know half of what actually happened and Ali and Jason didn't know until his name was found out by the girls.. all very confusing.

Firstly, the Sara, Emily and Claire situation, I've mentioned before about Sara's friend Claire who came to see Emily, and how weird I thought it was that she was explained completely different to what she actually was like. However now It has been explained that Sara dad actually used to be like that, and she admitted it, I don't think she's that guilty. On the other hand, I don't see the point of her coming into the story line and becoming this big character who was locked away with the girls and experienced the same thing, but in fact worse than theirs and now she's just being dropped and is moving away.. she must have some link to what's going on apart from her being in the doll house!

Return of Mona and Mike!! They are so sweet, I do feel so sorry for him and I'm not sure why she was cutting him out and everything, but I always think that Mona is always so suspicious about everything! she's very secretive and sneaky so I'm just not entirely sure if i trust her. Also, the girls said before that when she was in the doll house she was getting 'special treatment' from A, as we didn't see many clips of her being treated badly, and when the girls all woke up and had been drugged, Mona was the only one who hadn't. To me, I think Mona could know what's going on slightly as the girls said in this episode, someone from Radley stole the A game from her, but she doesn't know who. Now does she actually not know?

The last scene with Jason and Allison creeped me out a lot, and the fact that that recording randomly started playing in their house means there was obviously someone in their house (my bets on Charles) and they played it for a reason. The three children in the video were Allison, Jason and Freddie, I'm not sure wether Freddie was Charles' fake name or something but this shows that both Allison and Jason knew Charles when they were of an age to play with him and to be able to remember him. I think that Charles is just generally really sad because of what happened to him, and that he didn't have a family but I don't understand why he is taking it out on them, as Alison nor Jason knew about Charles until a few weeks ago, and their dad had been told that he was dead so he didn't know he was still alive. Also if A is Charles then it's confusing as to why he's torturing the girls and playing games with them..
How are they involved in this? 

One thing I did find in this episode, in the scene where Jason see's the creepy invite to Charles' party was that on the invitation all of the letters T were capitalised.. Was this supposed to be a hint of some sort? Does Charles now go by the name of someone who has a nickname beefing with T or even a name or surname?

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