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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 8 'FrAmed' verdict and theories...

Are we finally on the right route to finding A? The new character, Reece Matthews suggests so! 

********** SPOILER ALERT***********

Hmmm I'm not too sure what to think about this episode! I can't decide wether the clues we are being given actually mean something or not, they're just trying to trick us into thinking somebody else is A. 

The whole thing with Allison about not wanting the police to shoot her brother really surprised me, as I thought she would have the same mindset as the other girls. The kind-of 'he will get what he deserves' one! As what we have seen of her character through the years, she's not the most loving person there is. I do feel sorry for Allison as I think it must be hard for her, with this being her brother, and when the other girls had their siblings accused of being A they didn't like it, for example when Arias brother Mike was a suspect, and also Melissa, Spencer's sister. 

RED COAT IS BACK! My bets are on CeCe Drake! And I know it's crazy but a part of me thinks it could be Bethany Young, seeing how Charles and her were apparently so close when they were both in Radley. They could be grouping up as we know they both went missing on the same night from Radley, and haven't been found since.

Helloooo Ezria ;) I really really hope that Aria and Ezra sort things out and resume their relationship as I feel like all of the relationships in rosewood have gone down hill recently. I'm rooting for you Ezria!! 

Clark... Just when we thought we could trust you! I reckon he's a good guy, but it seemed fishy the fact that none of his family were at the gallery to support him. I think that maybe he is being bribed by A to find information about Aria and everything and he is doing jobs for A, like convincing Aria to go to the gallery and apply for the competition itself. Also it just happened to be that he shot the photo of A when the girls realised A had boobs therefore lead them to think it was a girl, when it isn't. 

Hanna seems to me like she's going a bit cray cray. When she was shouting at Allison at the start of the episode, saying that Charles should get what he deserves, the other girls wouldn't necessarily say that to Allison, they would just think it. To me it seems like Hanna is past the point of caring and just wants to find out who A is, she's being stubborn about it, unlike before. 

Poor Lorenzo :( I think Allison generally likes him, but she was just being super nice to him and doing his laundry etc as she was being clever, knowing how to get into the police station. It must be hard for Allison as everything is evolving around her family at the moment, with her mum being on the news, Charles being A and her dad not taking to her, but where is Jason now?!

For what the girls are going through, none of their parents are really trying to help, and I thought as soon as a name was given to the police, the first person who would be there would be Mrs Hastings. Ella Montgomery is really trying to help, a long with Hannas mum but I think it's better they don't know some things as they could put them in danger. 

I'm not entirely sure yet if I believe Reece Matthews is Charles, I believe he is working for Charles, however I think Charles has deliberately hired someone who looks like a member of the Di Laurentis family on purpose, to throw the girls off of the right path of which they are probably on. 

I know that he is looking pretty guilty for the moment but we know that we're not going to find out who A is until 2 episodes time so we wouldn't have been shown Reece yet if he was A. Also, we saw him at the end of the episode in the Gallery and now know that he was the one who switched the photos, and if he was A he would've been smart enough to cover his face or the camera whilst doing it in order to not get caught. 

I've read lots and lots of theories recently about who Charles is, and some of them have stuck in my head for a whole as I believe there's a slight possibility that it could be the one, so the one big question we all want to know is...

1) Charles is Caleb.. We don't know much about his previous background, and he has all of the computer equipment to be A, as we have seen him do what he can do with a computer, like track people and their cars, camera work. The fact he doesn't look like any of the Di Lauretis' throws you off a tad, but that could be for a reason. 

2) Wren is A.. That's why he keeps coming back into the season and out, he also looks very unsuspicious, I'm not too keen on this theory but some people are!

3) Charles is not actually A.. A is just using the name Charles Di Laurentis as they came across it during their time at Radley, or found it out from Mrs D and they know it will be easy to convince people of the name, when really they're just throwing people way off the right track. 

4) CeCe Drake is A, I'm personally not keen on this theory as I think she's too good friends with Allison to be A, and she's helped her when she's desperate. I think she could be red coat, however not A. I also think there is a slight possibility that CeCe drake is actually Bethany Young, she just changed her name after she ran away from Radley. She is the girl who Allisons mum purchased another dress for, which Ali found when she was little and that's how her and Ali know eachother. 

5) Some people seem to think that one of the girls themselves are A, or helping A as that would be a plausible explanation of how A knows so much about all of the girls.  I however don't think this is true, I think maybe one of their partners have been bribed before to give information or A has snooped around for the information they know. 

6) Detective Wilden is Charles, Charles is Ali and Jason's older brother, and when the girls were in the doll house he re-created a prom from back in Melissa, Ian’s and Wilden’s time in high school, which Marlene King said was a major u hint. Marlene also said that Mona being dead but then actually being alive is not the last time that has happened to a character, suggesting that Detective Wilden could still be alive and playing the A game.

7) Lucas is A, pretending to be Charles as we know how much hatred he has for Allison and some of the girls. He was also  very guilty a few seasons ago but that was just brushed off. We haven't seen him yet in season 6 and when he was asked what character Lucas will be in season 6 in an interview he said he couldn't answer as he wanted it to be a surprise. Still no Lucas.. Suspicious??....

What I think is that Charles is an actual person, and we've met him other times but he doesn't look like what we would expect him to look like, a Di Laurentis. However I think Charles and Bethany took the A game over from Mona when they were in Radley, they were using people whilst they were inside to carry the A game on. Until they managed to escape when they properly began to torment the girls and started to build the doll house which they had planned before. They firstly kidnapped Sara, to use her as Allison to test the dollhouse and get the ball rolling and then Mona. The girls came next and they only gave up the name Charles Di Laurentis because they thought the girls were never going to get out. Now the girls are out, Charles is trying to put the pin on other people like Andrew Campbell and Reece Matthews to make them look guilty to take the clues away from him. 

The ending scene of the episode suggested that both A and red coat will be attending the  senior prom next week so we will have to see what happens then.. 

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See you next week! 

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