Saturday, 25 July 2015

University must-haves!

When I was buying and sorting out everything for University I honestly didn't know what to bring and what not, so I have put together a little guide, to help you get by!

* must buy!

Kitchen stuff:
-Cutlery (few knives, forks and spoons)*
-Tin opener *
-Potato peeler
-Cheese grater (IKEA do a really good one which comes with a container for the cheese to fall in)
- Spatula
-Wooden spoon*
-One frying pan* ( if you don't really fry a lot of things, they have a mini one which makes things like eggs easier to do)
-One sieve/collander (they also do sieves in mini versions if you don't want a huge one lying about) 
-Saucepan and Lid (small size, as you will only be cooking for yourself)*
-Cups/glasses (3-4)*
-Mugs (2, depending on how much you drink hot drinks, etc.)*
-Plates; 2 big and 2 small*
-Bowls (2)*
- Jug (for those pre drinks!)
-Bottle opener (of course)*
- Small chopping board, plastic or wooden
-Measuring jug
- Food container (For left over food which you've cooked too much of and don't want to throw away)
-Straws!!!! (for pree's!)
- Salt and Pepper (you can get ones which are already in dispensers)
-Oven dish, to bake things like pasta bake!*
-Tea towels
-Oven gloves*

Bedroom: All halls should come with a desk, mirror, chair and bedside table (check before, just incase)
-Matress protector (some halls come with them included)
-Duvet covers (2)*
-Blankets (for when it gets cold, if it does)
-Blue tac/ pins (to put up photos)
-Laundry basket*
-Door wedge
-Printer, saves you having to go to the library and pay to print work!
- Night light to put on your bedside table 
- Curtains! All halls will come with their own curtains however they tend to be super ugly so you can actually buy your own and put them ones up instead!
- any picture frames, candles or anything else you want to bring to make your room feel like home :)

-Shampoo, conditioner and all other items you like to use in the shower.*
-any other face items you use whilst in the shower
-Hand soap container
-Toothbrush holder*
-Mini bin*
-Bath mat (so you don slip on the floor when getting out the shower)*
- Towels (I got 2, two big and two small)*

I don't think I've missed anything and obviously if you want to add anything, feel free! But this is a basic checklist on what you will need!
Annie X


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