Friday, 28 August 2015

HUGE Kiko Haul!

Every year when my parents and I visit Italy I honestly can't help myself when walking past a Kiko. I simply have to go in! (it's those 40% off signs they always have!). This year I think its fair to say I went a liiiiitle overboard. However I actually did purchase some things I need to replace in my makeup bag, but some of them were just for trying! Anyway.. onto the items!

Item number 1: Eye Lash curlers!
I NEVER use eyelash curlers, I actually used to be quite scared of them, as I've heard horror stories of them pulling peoples lashes away. So I steered away from them for years, but I've now realised what a difference they make with your lashes. I decided to purchase some and they were only 3euro50! They came in a nice see-through packaging. They are just simple silver ones!

Item number 2: Brush Cleanser.
I normally use the Crown brush cleanser but I haven't re purchased it yet as mine is empty. So I thought I would give this one a go, as all you have to do is spray the product onto your brushes, wipe the brush on a tissue to make sure all residue is gone and then leave to dry!

Item number 3: Cream Crush lasting colour eyeshadow in the colour 06.
This product reminds me a lot of the Maybelline colour tattoo 24 hour eyeshadow pots and I will soon upload a comparison post! I really really like this eyeshadow! I think its a really nice subtle brown and has exactly the right amount of shimmer in it. the product is unbelievably soft and fluffy, I can't really explain how it feels when you dip your finger in it. All i can say is that your finger sinks in so nicely, almost like when you sit on a memory foam mattress! The one bad thing about this product is that it uses up very quickly! I will also be posting a makeup look using this eyeshadow!

Item number 4: Black Precision Eyeliner.
Lately i've realised that my face suits thinner eyeliner than I usually do so I thought I would buy a different eyeliner to make it easier for myself to do this. As I always tend to purchase pen liners, which create quite a thick line. This is super long lasting and doesn't smudge at all! the jet black colour stays on all day without fading and I honestly just love it!

Item number 4&5: Eyetech look eyeshadow in the colours 102 & 105.
I really liked the look of these products in the store so I picked my faves and decided to buy and try! I decided to pick a pinky-red colour because I've been trying to find a colour like this for ages but haven't succeeded. And the gold just because, you know, everyone loves a gold eyeshadow. Basically, It actually took me a good few minutes to work out how these products work, but... The product is essentially just a small eyeshadow brush, and the eyeshadow itself is in the lid. So every time you put the lid back on the product, more of the eyeshadow comes off onto the brush and so on. I'm not sure wether this is a good or bad thing, because I loose the lids to everything makeup related! But hopefully I don't loose the lid to these! I haven't actually tried these yet, but when I do I will write a separate post on them, explaining what they're like.

Item number 6: Eyeshadow brush 202.
I don't actually own a brush for just all over lid application so I decided to buy one from here. I;ve heard a few people talking about kilo brushes so I decided to give them a go! I really like this brush, It puts the product on your lid very evenly and no bristles or anything fall out whilst doing so.

Item number 7: Eyeshadow brush 201.
This is a blending brush, (I think... well I use it for that!) I loooove this brush. Its so so so good for blending out your eyeshadow and its so cheap! I honestly didn't think it would be that good but I stand corrected!

Item number 8: Beam of light Highlighter in the shade 02.
I actually have a kilo highlighter which I already use. But I decided that I wanted a powder highlighter to put on top of it, and also a hand-bag friendly one. This is perfect! This gives such a nice glow, and you don't even have to put that much on! You can apply with your fingers or a brush, and I like to lightly brush it on the tops of my cheek bones and under my brow bone. This was actually reduced to 5euros which is a bargain!

Item number 9: Long lasting eyeshadow stick in the colour 28.
I don't own an eyeshadow which is just a skin colour, to use as a base for my eye so I decided to buy this one. Because of the stick application it makes it super easy to apply, you just put a few strokes of it onto your eye and then rub in with your fingers! these sticks are super long lasting!

Item number 10: Intense colour long lasting eyeliner in the colour 01 (white).
I've recently seen and heard lots of things about putting white eyeliner on your waterline and around your eyes. Apparently it makes your eyes appear bigger than they are so I thought I would try it out! This is actually a really nice liner for the price. I wish I had picked it up in more colours actually!

As always, Thanks for reading and speak soon!

Annie X

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