Tuesday, 4 August 2015

July favourites!

This month I have tried my hardest not to spend a lot on things I don't really need so I've dug out some of my makeup I haven't used in a few months and pushed to the back of my draws and tried them again! 

My first favourite of the month is my Q&A 5 year journal. I purchased this from WHSmith's for around £10.50 and I love it! I've always wanted to have some sort of journal/dairy to write down memories in so that in a few years I can look back and see what's changed. Therefore this one is perfect! Basically; every day you are asked a different question and you write down the year, and next to it the answer. The next day will have a new question and so on, and when it gets round to the next year you answer the same question below and look at your andwers and see how much your life has changed. I really like this idea and I think that it's so different to just a normal journal or diary, as I find that they can be quite boring after a while, whereas I actually find myself wanting to fill this in every day to find out what the question for that day is! I 100% reccomend this journal as I am ambsolutirely loving it so far and it just looks so pretty and old, the pages are gold and it's a hardback and it's only small! so it's easier to travel around! 

Snippet of a page:

My second favourite of this month is my Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip Bow! I LOVE this!!! This is THE best eyebrow product I have ever come across in my life! Every time I wear it I get eyebrow compliments without fail! I apply it with my Zoeva ... Brush, focusing the colour mostly on the arch of my brow, fading it out to the start of my brow! I am going to do a full review on this soon with before and after shots, so keep posted for that! 

Ive recently discovered eye primers. I wasn't much of a fan of them before as I never believed it they actually work, however I decided to buy and try the Rimmel Exaggerate undercover eyeshadow primer and I really like it! This is a cheap eye primer that does the job perfectly and I find that it's handy just to throw It in your makeup bag. It's the size of a normal lipgloss, therefore isn't big and it includes an application stick which is also like a lipgloss applicator. It's super easy to use, you just simply put two strokes of it on each eye and rub it in with your fingers, making sure it's covering your whole lid and you're done! This will keep your eye makeup looking fresher for hours! You can purchase this from any drug store for £5-£7.

My next favourite is another primer, but this time a face primer, Bare Minerals Prime Time primer! I always use a face primer before putting on my makeup as I generally do believe they work well, especially for people with oily skin as they increase the stay-time of your base makeup a lot! This product came in the Bare Minerals kit I purchased and I find that it works so well with my type of skin! I'm not sure f you can purchase this in a full version but I'm not even half way through the travel size one I've got, and I use it every day! I find that a little goes a long way with this product. It completely mattesy face before base makeup application, ensuring my foundation stays put all day and doesn't slide off. I can tell the difference with my makeup when I don't wear this product and I find it makes my foundation look nicer on my face and also feel nicer! 

The Benefit Erase Paste has been my saviour for under eye concealing this month as it has brightening properties in it, and brightening under your eyes seems to be the new makeup trend, a long with contouring! The product comes in a small little pot, so you just simply dip one of your fingers in it lightly, and pat the product onto where you want it to be, this is a concealer but it can also be used for a slight highlight as I find it's very shimmery on my skin! This is amazing for covering clumsiness as it doesn't dry them out, it just covers them up amazingly! You can purchase this product from a Benefit store for £20.50.

Last but not least, my Mac Haute Naughty waterproof black eye liner. Every eyeliner I tend to buy is a pen loner and can only give you quite thick lines therefore I thought I would try an eyeliner which will give me a super thin line, as I haven't worn one in a while! I actually found this in the back of my draw which I must've purchased ages ago and forgotten about but I really like it! The packaging is all pretty and has a little sliver design on the top, and the eyeliner itself has really good staying power. The applicator included is super thin and allows you to create an effortless, clean, thin line. This product isn't sold online anymore, however a very similar one called 'Liquidlast Eyeliner' can be purchased in any Mac store for £16.

Thanks for reading! 

Annie X


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