Friday, 28 August 2015

KIKO Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks Review!

I'm not too sure if I've done a blog post before about these, but hey ho! I honestly love these eyeshadow sticks, they are soooo pigmented it is crazy and they last forever! I always find that if I fall asleep with my makeup on (naughty) and I'm wearing one of these products on my eyes, when I wake up it will still be on there. Looking fresh. 

These come in a range of colours and they are simply just windable sticks which have a creamy eyeshadow in them. The stick makes application easier, especially when you want to put this product in your lower lash line, which I like to do when I wear them. 

I have the colours; 06, 07 & 18.

The one I use the most is probably 07. This is because it is a lighter colour and I tend use it in my tear duct and the inner corner of my eyes, to brighten them. 

I also find that this product works well as a base on my eyes. If I apply this all over my lid and then apply a different eyeshadow, say one from my Naked pallete on top it makes it stick perfectly.

The colour 06 is one I tend to use a lot also, it's a chocolaty brown colour which looks nice just all over the lid and on the lower lash line, without any other products!

The third colour, 18 Is a grey colour which I tend to use when I want a black smokey eye, I like to put it in the inner v of my eye aswell, and sometimes on the lower lash line, and then have a black shadow in the crease and a nice thin liner. 

These eyeshadow sticks have an amazing stay time- the packaging says 8 hours but I've worn them for longer before. The packaging they come in is a little black box, which you open up and find the product inside. The eyeshadow need to be wound up when you begin to use it a lot.

These eyeshadow sticks can be purchased from Kiko for around £4-7 each. 

Annie X


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