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Pretty Little Liars Mid-Summer Finale, Season 6 Episode 10, 'Game OverCharles' Verdict...

OH MY GOD! I was so excited for this finale, I genuinely woke up early to watch it and the whole way through the episode I was so tense!

*********SPOILER ALERT***********

Major things we found out in this episode:
1) SARAH HARVEY IS RED COAT! I knew that girl wasn't innocent!
2) Cece is A, of course. 
3) Tanner may have been working with Cece
4) Detective Wilden knew about Cece/Charles
5) Mona killed Bethany Young 
6) Bethany Young killed Toby's mother. 
7) Reece Matthews was a cover 

So Cece Drake is A/Charles.. How on earth did this happen?! Let me get this straight, Cece was a male (Charles) and her parents, Mrs D and Mr D admitted him into Radley when he was younger for  weird behaviour around Allison. As we saw in the flashback with Charles and Allison when they were young, however we find out that Charles/Cece was just trying to help, and didn't mean any harm.  We found out Toby's mum, Mrs Cavanagh was actually pushed off of the balcony at Radley by Bethany Young, instead of her throwing her self off. Bethany Young blamed Charles/ Cece for this and then escaped Radley herself. She wanted to try and hurt Mrs D, so Charles/ Cece also left trying to protect their mother and mistook Bethany for Allison and hit her around the head with a rock. Allison fell to the ground and her mum saw, she began to bury Allison to try and cover for Charles (now is Cece). From this point onwards we know that Mrs Grunwald picked Ali up from under the ground and Ali then hid as we knew she was escaping from A then (Mona). Mona was the one who killed Bethany Young, thinking it was Allison and that was the body they found buried in Ali's back garden.  

Mona carried on the A game until she was caught out and put into Radley, there she met Cece but she doesn't remember as she was on a lot of medication and Mona thought it was Ali. Mona began telling the stories of her being A and what she done to the girls and all about the girls secrets and Cece was intrigued. After Cece had supposedly killed Toby's mum she wasn't allowed out of Radley even for day trips or anything so she kept talking to Mona and Mona said to her that the girls were happy Ali was gone and that they all have happy lives. Cece stopped speaking to Mona as her medication started to gradually ware off so she wouldn't remember her and Cece escaped from Radley. Cece introduced herself to the girls as one of Ali's old friends and this is when she began to really be A.  She was going to end it in New York when the girls thought they had killed A but couldn't stop herself. She said that the girls were her dolls and she was playing a game with them. Cece soon realised Allison was still Alive as the other girls did and she said that she would have never have actually hurt the girls, as they're her dolls. 

At the end and the start of the episode we see A, who is about to throw themselves off the roof at Radley, and the girls shout no and say they understand why she did what she did. This is the part I don't understand, how can the girls understand all of the things Cece made them do in the dolls house because of her story? In the end Cece didn't throw herself off the building, she stood down and said 'game over'. 

Questions from this episode:
1) who killed Mrs D?
2) will Jason and Kenneth be okay?
3) will Cece end up going to prison?
4) is Tanner working with Cece?
5) what happened to the girls' mums?
6) when did Charles have surgery to change into Cece? And how did they get the money to do it? 
7) where does Jenna come into this? I thought she was very suspicious. 

So first things first, Sara Harvey! I KNEW that girl wasn't innocent, she had it written all over her face, literally. The way she played all nice and all naive to the whole situation when she knew what was going on the whole time. Sara was red coat and that's where she ran away to Her friend Claire talking about her to Emily saying that she's a nasty girl was true, as she was working with A all this time. It was only till after the girls got out from the doll house that she started playing the innocent card to them, Although she was obviously still working for Cece. That's the reason why she didn't have a tracker in her neck and she gave the pin to the girls to get into Cece's 'lair' because she knew what was going to happen. That was why she stayed outside, she led them there as part of a plan. 

I was a tiny dissapointed that Cece was A as I think that it would've been creepier if it was a guy, but I think the story line itself was well thought of. I think the whole thing with access is rather creepy the way she talks about the girls being her dolls but i just can't see her in a creepy way, like I saw A. In my eyes, Cece/A wanted to be found that's why she took Ali, as she knew the girls would come and find her. All I hope is that we find out a lot more next season, it doesn't just skip 5 years and we find out nothing about the past. I would also like to know where Jenna fits into this and if anyone else knew about Cece, like Mellisa, did she know ...or even Wren, who was very suspicious.

I really hope we do find out who killed Mrs D, and why, as we know Cece found her body, but she didn't kill her. However I remember when Mrs D died, we saw a scene of A burying her... Is there two A's? When we find out who killed Mrs d, I want to know why, as I've always found her a bit suspicious, maybe she done something to someone she shouldn't have.

Sooo... Does anyone else think it's super weird Jason and Cece went out? So Jason went out wikis Supposedly dead brother, of whom he didn't know about, who supposedly had a sex change and lives in a mental hospital.... Riiiiight?

At the end of the episode we see the girls, on labour day, saying goodbyes as they're all going their separate ways. Then it skips even further and its 5 years later, Allison is teaching at the school and the girls all run in, and say 'Ali, he's coming' and then the episode ends. This suggests that someone else is now after Ali".. But who? This end part made me really sad as now we know the girls are all grown up and not at school anymore and it's all going to be different!

Next seasons promo:

In this promo, we see the girls older and Emily explained college wasn't for her, I assume Aria has fined college and is now working as we see her by a desk. Allison is a teacher and Hanna shows her her hand, which I assume has a ring on it (hopefully Haleb are getting married!) Ezra was in this but he seemed quite suspicious so I'm not sure what was going on there.. I am excited for this to air but I'm also a bit bummed that we now know who A is, as we don't know what the plot will be now. Cece or Sara were not in the promo, so I most likely think they're out of the programme and this episode was their big goodbye!

I'm not sure what date the next episode airs. The promo says winter, but I think it will be October as they like to do a Halloween episode!

Tell me your thoughts on this episode below, was you disappointed or delighted? I would love to know! 
Thanks for reading!

Annie X


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